Friday, August 26, 2005

SOLSTICE: Good News/Bad News on Pontiac's Two-Seater

GM's Tom Kowaleski has an update for folks hot to trot to get their hands on a Pontiac Solstice and for those who have already signed on the dotted line:

"Each of these cars is being carefully built and in so doing, we're taking extra time to make sure all is just right. We're paying special attention to fits and finishes, interior materials and trim, and all elements of the car's operation. And when each is ready, it's immediately shipped.
"Just as with any new build process, we know that as we ramp up production, our ability to do this more quickly will increase. However, at this time, we feel it's better to take the time to ensure your Solstice leaves the factory ready to run and perform at the level we intended."

Good news in that Pontiac is determined the Solstice is right. Not good news in view of Mazda's success with the new Miata. And doubly bad news for those who think the Saturn Sky is the preferable of the new GM two-seaters. Get the full details from Kowaleski here.

Prediction: All it will take to put the Solstice - and quite possibly Pontiac as well - into permanent eclipse is one big recall. That's why the most prayed words at GM these days may well be "Please, Lord, not another Fiero."

Prediction II: Nobody will remember the F-word six months after the Solstice production line is sorted and lots of loaded trucks are unloading in dealer lots.