Monday, December 12, 2005

Chrysler Crossfires Available on

Yes, it's a little strange looking from some angles, thanks to that too-severely cropped tail, and it is a kind of corporate mongrel within the DaimlerChrysler lineup. Even so, Chrysler's Crossfire is still a strikingly shaped and spirited-driving vehicle. So why can't Chrysler sell the thing?

Automotive News' Mary Connelly reports is listing Crossfires at firesale discounts. No wonder, with dealers having to find ways of getting rid of a huge over-supply estimated at 200+ days.

Says Connelly:

"Shoppers at, an online outlet shopping site, are being offered discount coupons for the Crossfire coupe and roadster. '2005 Chrysler Crossfire Special offer - up to $8,900 off MSRP,' the site says.
"Coupons must be redeemed at a dealership. The deal expires Jan. 3. Crossfires sat on dealership lots 230 days before selling in November, according to the Power Information Network. The industry average in November was 55 days."

Automotive News is available only by subscription, so I can't provide a link to Connelly's story, but you could email her at and tell her you saw this cite of her work on Tapscott Behind the Wheel blog.

Or not.