Monday, December 12, 2005

Jeep Creates Own Mobil Telephone Channel, Buying Lots of Spots on MobiTV

Would you watch TV on a screen in your cell phone? Jeep is betting not only that you will but that you will do it frequently enough to justify the DaimlerChrysler division's spending some major money on television spots on 18 of the 24 channels currently available on MobiTV.

But wait, there's more, according to!

"The automotive marketer is running ads once an hour per channel on 18 of the 24 available MobiTV cellphone channels, but will also have its own Jeep-branded channel. The channel, starting today, will continuously loop the existing four episodes of 'The Mudds,' short films now running online that show an adventurous, outdoor-loving - and mud-splattered - family that drives a Jeep Commander. The episodes will also continue to run on the Web at"

For what it's worth, my prediction is the Jeep-branded channel will be short-lived, given the microscopic attention spans of many cell phone users. But the spots on the other channels may well work, at least in terms of generating market buzz for Jeep products, so at the very least this is an interesting experiment that bears watching.

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