Thursday, December 29, 2005

LINK LOVE: A Carnival of Cars Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for 2005's Last Time

It's time for those end-of-the-year roundups of significant events of the year past and making of predictions about the year ahead. At Auto Extremist, Peter DiLorenzo is calling "all aboard The Oblivion Express - the follies and foibles, the shining stars and the relentlessly clueless of 2005. "

Among much else, Peter sees 2005's highs and lows being followed by an even more eventful 2006 in which "the next 12 months will not only determine the very future of the domestic automobile industry as we know it, but Detroit will become the lightning rod for the most pressing issues facing this country - health care costs, pension reform, global competition (and corresponding trade issues) and its threat to the industrial foundation of America."

AutoMuse is way ahead of the pack on the soon-to-be-Supreme Court case involved in Avery v State Farm Mutual Insurance of Illinois. The case has been ginning around in Illinois state courts for quite a while, but the plaintiffs have now filed a writ of certiori asking the High Court to accept the case for review.

AutoBlog's Erin Mays has the scoop on Ford's latest Fusion sales tactic, which is a viral marketing campaign centered on a Norwegian band, Hurra Torpedo. I doubt it will sell many Fusion's but it will certainly be fun to watch.

You will have to go here to learn why CarPundit chose the Grim Reaper to illustrate his posting on GM's stock prices.

CarScoop says Nissan's Urge features motorcycle-inspired styling. I think it's just plain inspired.

Have you seen Audi's latest addition to its lineup? Consumers Hero has some info here.

Boxing Day drags Down Under were capped by Scott Kalita's 4.788 et at 298.21 mph pass for the win, according to Fast Machines.

Quite a bit slower was the Ford Five Hundred tested by Jalopnik. He was not impressed with what he called an "automotive blancmange." Don't you just love it when he talks like that!

Across the pond, Jonathan Fry hasn't had much to write about recently but checking his web cam this morning finds him and his lovely wife busily engaged in the affairs of the day.

What's the most gorgeous part of a car? At, editor Dave Leggett spent some time on Jag's Prefer Gorgeous web site and decided it's the body that does it for him. So do most of the folks going to the site so far. Oh yes, there is some info about the new Jag XK there, too!

It's a particularly juicy day at Left Lane News where there are multiple spy shots of Lincoln's D3 concept and a great roundup of the latest news and alleged news on GM's return to the pony car war with Mustang.

Jalopnik isn't the only auto blogging reviewer with strong words for something from Detroit. Can you guess which 2006 offering is the object of Daniel Pund's fusilade over at MPH Blog? He says it looks like "any Car you might see in a car-insurance or oil-company advertisement. You know the one: clumsily cladded up with an ill-fitting grille, severely rectangular headlamps, and a mystery badge." Here's a hint - It's a loose urn but it's not rolling art.

It's bye-bye to MV Augusta from Proton, according to Paul Tan.

The entry deadline for getting into the latest edition of Dennis Cowhey's "Personal Stories Behind Vanity License Plates" is Feb. 28, 2006, according to QT Auto News.

Lots of tuning tips over at The Car Blog.

Have you noticed the increasing number of two-door coupe offerings from luxury and econocar marques? Bob Elton has at The Truth About Cars and he thinks the consumer move back to cars from trucks will eventually mean more coupes for more folks: "The success of upmarket hardtop drop-tops will eventually lead to equally successful, lower-priced versions." Let us hope!

Checking in at The View Through the Windshield we find Joe Sherlock rather pessimistic about GM's prospects: "I seriously wonder if General Motors can be saved. It seems to be pinning its hopes on the next-generation big SUVs, at a time when demand for such vehicles is waning."
Joe has much more to say about all the automakers, including those in China.

And finally, as this drive around the auto blog block concludes, we must ask if you ever driven down Farfrompoopen Road? It appears The Car Connection has.

Have a great week, ya'll!