Friday, December 02, 2005

LINK LOVE: A Drive Around the Blog Block

Lots of stuff happening in the automotive sector of the Blogosphere today. Let's take a drive!

Over at AutoExtremist, Peter Delorenzo is getting a head start on the end-of-the-year automotive media stories about what to expect in the New Year. "At no time in automotive history has more been on the line than what's shaping up for the coming year," he notes.

Likely biggest story of the year? DeLorenzo points to GM's future and observes: "It can't be a question of GM's survival, because GM must survive for the sake of the country. There's just too much riding on it, too many lives and families at stake and too much of this country's industrial fabric on the line for it to turn out any other way."

State Farm Insurance may need all the lawyers it can hire if Auto Muse is right in its assessement of a Pittsburgh man's suit claiming the insurer failed to properly disclose that it was selling salvage vehicles.

From the very good news department comes word via Autoblog that Nissan has developed a self-healing paint! "The primary purpose of Scratch Guard is resisting fine scratches from automated car wash machines. Nissan says its scratch resistant properties are good for about three years," Autoblog reports.

Ah, the joys of lasting love. Carpundit is feeling it for the Mercedes Benz 280SL, sparked by his sighting of a lovely example sitting in the rain in a Boston alley. He's got pictures and more here.

Cars!Cars!Cars! sees drunks at GM, incompetent Canadians behind the wheel and other puzzling visions here.

FastMachines has the great news that Champ Car is headed back to Road America for 2006.

Not quite so fast was GM's Extreme Gravity Racer (in the photo above), which hit the astounding velocity of 52 mph and spun out. I kid you not. I know, you don't believe me, so go here for the first-hand account on FastLane.

Are we there yet, Daddy?

You've got an auto enthusiast of some sort somewhere on your Christmas gift list, but you have absolutely no clue what to get him or her, right? May I suggest a perusal of AUTOart, courtesy of BTGmotoring, as recommended by 'HotWheels' Blog? Note: This is not a paid ad ... unfortunately.

Moving right along, Jalopnik has spy shots and snarky remarks about the next generation Chrysler Sebring convertibles. MPH does, too, plus a tidbit about the next Sebring being cloned from a Lancer platform.

Did you know Audi has its own TV channel? At least in the UK. I didn't either, but Just-auto has the details here.

Paul Tan says ItalDesign is responsible for the interesting lines exhibited by Suzuki's upcoming SX4. I like the lines of my Suzuki Bandit 600S, but that's just me ...

Christmas must be closer than I thought because Sara at The Car Blog is singing a carol about the redesigned Honda Civic. I liked it a lot, too, Sara, but have you really been good enough for Claus to leave it in your driveway with a gold bow on it?

If you want The Truth About Cars, Paul Farago has one for you regarding the Ford Fusion: "Why would anyone buy an automobile that’s had any hint of personality professionally removed by a crack squad of cost-conscious engineers?" He said it, not me, though I might after I finish my week in the Fusion.

Sounding similarly skeptical is Joe Sherlock as he gazes at The View Through the Windshield and wonders what comes after GM's Red Tag Sale. Believe me, Joe, you ain't the only one wondering what's next for GM.

TheCarConnection has the latest on November car sales.

Wow! There really is a lot going on. Nice drive, huh.