Saturday, December 10, 2005

LINK LOVE: A Drive Around the Blog Block

Wonder what's going to debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month? The Car Connection has lots of info, including photos and spy shots of the Dodge Challenger (being worked on by a shadetree mechanic, so to speak!) and the Calibre, which looks an awful lot like a Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe.

Methanol Boy graces with some wonderful photography from the 2005 racing season. The cockpit shot of Danica Patrick is outstanding, as is the shot of the spare tire cover with one fan's philosophical disquisition on the comparative physical attributes required to be successful in stickball sports versus motorsports.

Maybe Kirk Kerkorian's guy won't be joining the GM board after all. Autoblog has the latest details on the talks that are ongoing.

Up in Bahstan, CarPundit's wife's vehicle was in a contreteps and now needs some body shop time. If you know of an honest shop in Beantown, CarPundit would sure like to hear from you.

Confused about biodiesel? Cars!Cars!Cars! is and they want some friggin' answers, ya know?

Meanwhile, the GMPA has released its technical changes for Formula One and FastMachines is shaking its editorial head in disbelief: "Next thing you know they will be adding fenders, bumpers and decals of head light/tail light assemblies ala NASCAR! Mercedes, BMW, and even Toyota and Honda cannot be pleased with these latest developments." More here.

Lutz sees more reasons to smile GM's future in the Buick Lucerne's early success.

Jalopnik links to a Guardian story and photo about "Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest," three teenage car theives across the pond who really merit the title.

More to Come Later (Wifey is Vigorously Suggesting There Are Other Things I Should be Doing with my Time this a.m.!):


Is Ford selling Jaguar? Or is Renault buying Jaguar? Dave Leggett at says the impetus for the rumored deal is from the French for reasons that make sense to me. Of course, if I had spent as much on Jaguar as Ford has without a profit, I would be shopping the marque, too.

MPH Blog is looking for turbolag with the MazdaSpeed6 but not finding it.

Paul Tan has some spy shots of an upcoming Proton model for the Asian markets.

John at The Car Blog has spent some time behind the wheel of the 500 horsepower BMW M5. Oh, man, I cannot wait!

Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars says nothing else matters regarding GM's future except whether the UAW decides to strike over the Delphi job cuts. Here's why:

"This January, the UAW's leadership may tell Delphi Prez CallMeSteve Miller to shred his salary and benefit-reducing proposal and flush it down the toilet of his Gulfstream Challenger. Miller will then ask a federal bankruptcy judge to terminate the UAW's contract.

"The UAW will retaliate with a strike that will starve GM of parts. GM's assembly lines will close. Should the UAW strike last more than a couple of months, The General will burn through its multi-billion dollar cash reserves. The world's largest automaker will be forced to file the world's largest Chapter 11."

Sounds right on target to me. Though I would add such a scenario has an additional chapter - the way Washington panics and bails out GM, for now.Don't miss the rest of Robert's observations.

Joe Sherlock is thinking about moving to Nebraska. What is it he sees in The View Through the Windshield that would make him want to move to the prairie? Find out here. As a motorcyclist and a car fanatic, it makes me think the same thing.