Tuesday, December 20, 2005

LINK LOVE: A Drive Around the Blog Block

AutoBlog says Jaguar's first production XK coming off the line is evidence of the hallowed Brit marque's return to prominence among luxury automakers.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg should read Car Pundit. If he had yesterday, he would have found the solution to avoiding the transit strike that virtually paralyzed Gotham today. I modestly add that the Mayor could also have taken his cue from President Ronald Reagan who had a similar problem with PATCO in 1981.

Over at Cars!Cars!Cars!, Brooklyn Bob Schulties would like for you to check out a new car blog they are behind, 4Drivers Only. Back home at C!C!C!, there is some interesting stuff about GM's latest message for Isuzu.

Fast Machines says the end of the Powerade drag racing series' season by no means competitors are going into hibernation. Go here for a great roundup of who's doing what while they count the days till the green flag falls on the 2006 season.

The GM guys at FastLane are exulting about MPH Mag naming the Z06 its favorite review ride. Can you imagine that? If you're podcasting, FastLane has the feed you won't want to miss, including mag editor Eddie Alterman explaining his assessment that the Z06 is absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, the finest piece of automotive engineering ever.

It's Bah Humbug! with Jalopnik, thanks to Honda's decision to keep its Type R edition of the new Civic out of the states, at least for now. Maybe Honda figures being the sole engine supplier to the IRL will make up for it?

Did you know there is a "world truck" concept much like that of the "world car" that has spoiled more than a few careers in Dearborn and elsewhere in the automotive world. At Just-Auto.com, you have to become a subscriber to get the scoop on the DC's Andreas Renschler take on the current and future status of the world truck. But there's lots of worthwhile news for the taking here.

Want the latest on what NHTSA is saying about its 35 mph head-on crash tests? Left Lane News has the details.

Meanwhile, Motor Alley's David Wassermann is soooo confused.

Speaking of Eddie and MPH, check out "The Big Board of Dreams."

And at My Honest Mechanic, folks all over the place are finding answers to perplexing gremlins, puzzling dilemmas and perverse problems.

Would you like to put your foot into 229 lb-ft of torque in a diesel-powered Dodge Caliber? The Auto Prophet would too but the economics aren't adding up for him.

Bill Ford would do well to spend some time pondering The Car Blog and Elizabeth Walling's explanation for why she and her husband simply cannot live without their F-150.

Ouch! Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars was out and about recently in the all-new Lexus IS350 and encountered an M3. It wasn't the Bimmer that "helmed," "leaned," "rolled" and "jiggled." Farago was not ... impressed.

Joe Sherlock has lots of great links and all you have to do to enjoy them is take a gander at The View Through the Windshield. DO NOT MISS the 50 Studie with the javelin nosejob. :-)

And finally, TheCarConnection.com's odd street names compilation is certain to put a smile on your face, no matter how much Christmas shopping you have left.

Enjoy, folks!