Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Caribou Coffee May Not Be What You Think It Is; Why Posting is Light, and Carnival of Cars Deadline Approaches

The Auto Prophet has been a long-time enthusiast of the Caribou Coffee chain that struggles to compete against the Goliath of Starbucks. But now The Auto Prophet has discoverd some rather disturbing news about Sharia law and the majority ownership of Caribou Coffee. It's a little off the typical path for an auto blog but it's still worth knowing.

Go here for the details.

By the way, I was in a seminar learning Microsoft Access all day yesterday and will be again today, so posting will be light. If you believe in prayer, all prayers for my thick head finally getting it on Access will be appreciated!

Also, don't forget - Carnival of Cars deadline for submissions is tomorrow evening. Let me know if you have something in particular you would like to see linked to in the Friday edition of Carnival of Cars.