Tuesday, January 24, 2006

GM's Keebler Drops an Interesting Hint of Small (Rear-Wheel-Drive) Things to Come

GM's Director of Advanced Concepts asked for a survey of opinion among Fastlane readers and got a raft of responses. He's gone through those responses and concluded the obvious - there is a market for all three powertrain configurations.

But then he added this tantalizing observation: "Specifically though, I promise to work on the creation of a line of small, agile, rear-wheel-drive cars. And quite frankly, I can't imagine a front-drive version of Camaro."

Neither could anybody else imagine a Camaro with anything but power to the rear wheels. But "a line of small, agile" rear-drivers? Smaller than a Camaro? A rear-wheel-drive Cobalt-sized pocket rocket?

Or maybe a proper Malibu SS capable of churning its rear tires into blue haze? Perhaps we are talking about something unexpected coming off the Solstice/Sky line?

Come on, Keebler, you've got a chance to use the Blogosphere to generate some of the good buzz GM really, really needs these days.