Friday, February 24, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, Feb. 23, 2006

How do you like the hot new logo for Carnival of Cars? We are gettin' slick around here!

Enough with the shameless promotion already.

Let's engage the clutch, flip the switch to "on," press the starter button, put it in first gear and get this thing heading down the race track:

Being an old Formula Ford racer myself, I'm not at all surprised that the winner of TheCarConnection's contest for wierdest street names is "Psycho Path." There are lots more, including a bunch of really funny ones, and some very ones as well.

This has absolutely nothing to do with cars, but, since Joe Sherlock of The View Through the Windshield and I suffer a common passion for terrible punning, I have to share this one: "Bad Pun Of The Day: A midget fortune-teller who escapes from prison is a small medium at large." Oh, and don't miss Joe's exciting reminiscences about the 1960 Opel Rekord and much more that is about cars in his posting for today.

I'll bet you know without my telling you who wrote this while reviewing the Audi A3: "While Ingolstadt's diminutive four-door may seem like a hatchback for badge snobs willing to sacrifice size for breeding, it’s actually a four-wheeled fiend, a beast born and bred to take a bite out of the time - space continuum."

OK, for the one or two of you who didn't instantly recognize a genuine wordsmith at work, it's Robert Farago and The Truth About Cars.

The Auto Prophet has a message for Detroit's politicos. Sadly, the real world has called and he won't be posting as frequently.

Speaking of politicos, did you know America has a chicken tax on trucks? No, me, neither, at least not until I read Straightline's post on the topic.

Bugatti's Veyron may not be the world's fastest production car much longer. Check out the upcoming 2006 Koenigsegg CCX at Serious Wheels. liked the Daytona 500, for the most part, but is not happy with the lame penalty given Jimmie Johnson's crew chief, Chad Knaus. What should have been his penalty? "My answer, not life, but more than 4 races, maybe a 18 races to a year or at least consitent with Barrier’s penalties plus more for not first time offense and that includes points off ..."

I agree.

Want to win a BMW X5 and help some sick kids at the same time? Check it out here at Qt Auto News.

Okay, Toyota, is it gonna be an Aygo, a Vitz or a Belta? Paul Tan and a bunch more folks waaay over there on the other side of the Pacific would like to know. Some folks closer to home here are probably gonna ask why Tan rates four links in one Carnival of Cars post, too!

Last week it was the new Kia Sedonna. This week My Honest Mechanic Austin Davis is singing the praises of the Rio. But really, Austin, do you recommend the Rio over an Accord????

Will Ford kill the present Crown Vic in 2008 and replace it with something based on Ford Australia's Falcon platform? My Ford Dreams has little confidence in the prediction of same in Motor Trend, but hopes it's true even so.

Here's my question: Why not just bring the whole Supercar Series to the states, so we can all see those awesome V-8 Holdens and Falcons racing in person?

Dave at MPH Blog got his hands on a new Civic Si for the first time and took a spin in it to and from the tax office. I would have chosen a different destination, but judging from his comments, it looks to me like Dave and I have a similar approach to stop lights and four lanes. Love those revs!

Sorry, but the original Saab Sonett made absolutely no sense to me when it roamed the earth in regular production. This despite my long-standing love of Saab sedans. Now along comes the Sonett concept, Aero-X. Left Lane News has lots of photos.

But will the ignition key be on the floorboard between the front seats?

Dave Leggett highly recommends Jeff Daniels' piece on emissions and diesels. Go here at and follow the links.

Aston Martin fans will not want to miss Jalopnik's introduction to a review of the Vanquish S.

Hot Wheels Blog (and Okie on the Lam) laments the passing of the Goat.

You just thought the Ford Bronco died long ago. Gear6 has details.

No, the Pagani Zonda is not a new Italian sandwhich craze. FosFor Wheels explains the real deal with the Roadster F.

Has anybody else seen a new post on Fastlane since Lutz' 2/16 "Stop me if ...." post? Is Fastlane about to get the Goat treatment?

Nope, the IRL-CART deal isn't yet, according to Fast Machines. Keep your fingers crossed!

A Lotus sedan? Carscoop is the place to go for this story. That name has got to change, though, because it sounds like a military commissary or maybe an industrial solvent. Or .... nothing like a car.

Cars! Cars! Cars! has a sound warning about a Forbes slideshow.

Smile! You are on Scottsdale's candid camera. AutoBlog reports here. Where is the ACLU when they could actually do something productive?

Do you know what is meant by "algorithymic graphic design"? Me, neither. But no matter because Joshua Davis does and that's a good thing as far as BMW is concerned. Auto Spectator has a full read on the topic.

E. L. Eversman explains "product dilution" to Hummer's Marketing General Manager, Susan Docherty. Eversman, AKA the Auto Muse, nails it with this: "Younger buyers already crave a Hummer. They just can't afford one."

Auto Extremist's "Road Kill" columnist, Dr. Bud E. Bryan says "Not so fast, Scooter." No, wait, that was Ron White. What Bryan said was about scooters. To some guy from Italy peddling Vespas. Filed straight from Austin, Texas, where reside the reigning national champion Texas Longhorns!!!!

And on that happy note about God's Country, we have reached the end of this week's Carnival of Cars. See ya next week and remember to file your contributions for next week's installment in Chicago-voting-style - early and often.