Friday, March 03, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, March 3, 2006

My week has been rather pedestrian, how about you? Let's take a tour around the auto blogs and see if maybe we can spice things up a bit, shall we?

One thing's for sure right off the bat, there ain't much spice these days at Pontiac, what with the Holdenized GTO biting the dust and probably forever consigning "Little GTO" to Memory Lane. The sad part is, as Auto Extremist's Peter DeLorenzo points out so well, there was a time when:

"The street 'buzz' around Pontiac was undeniable - and it was fueled by some of the most memorable advertising ever done for an automobile. For one fleeting moment in time, product and advertising came together in such a way that it created an American sensation."

How long till BOP is just another lonely outpost on Memory Lane?

And on that happy friggin' note, let's move on down the road ...

... but wait, there's more! Maybe. I mean there could be. At least that's what AutoBlog reports Autoweek reports Bob Lutz is reporting. Can it be true? "Three dueces and a four-speed" WILL be back, come 2008?

If the Goat does return, where should you live to get the lowest insurance rates? E.L. Eversman of Auto Muse has some good things to say for Ohio. Yes, Ohio.

"Cabrio of the Year" for 2006? Auto Spectator says the Alfa Spider won the award at the Geneva Auto Show this week.

They were "four morons," according to Carpundit. Those 20-Somethings who made the video showing the utter ridiculosity of the 55 mph speed limit, that is. Normally, I find myself nodding in agreement with Carpundit most of the time, but not on this, good buddy.

Want to know why Ford is "so fracked up" dumb? Cars! Cars! Cars! will explain it all here.

From racing's Chamber of Commerce scene comes word, via FastMachines, that the NASCAR Hall of Fame will be in Charlotte. Not Daytona. Not Atlanta. Not Kansas City. Nobody should be surprised about the latter losing out because all they've got in KC is a bunch of crazy li' women.
You can ask Wilbur if you don't believe me.

If you've been eagerly awaiting the Geneva debut of Ferrari's new 599 GTB Fiorano, Gear6 has the scoop.

Back to the GTO ... GM Guy at HotWheels Blog explains how his adolescence got off track one day, thanks to unfulfilled desires and a certain misplaced white horse. I'm sorry, but you're just gonna have to go read it on your own cauz I can't explain it here, this being a family friendly blog and all. Let me just say this - Dale, buddy, I feel your pain.

Jalopnik says its curtains for the Noble M14, but the good news is there will be a Noble M15. Is somebody from GM in charge of product planning at Noble?

Dave Leggett is encouraged by the lines of the Jag XK to believe Ford is serious about turning the fabled Coventry marque around, then he goes all contemplative with a "what's it all about, Alfie" piece inspired by the Geneva Auto Show. It's all at

Looking for a good usedGemballa Porshe Turbo or a like-new low-mileage Ferrari 360 Spider? Left Lane News know a certain doctor who is about to let one of each go. Check it out here for contact info. Serious inquiries only, please.

Want to scare the wits out of your neighborhood dummy? MPH Blog's Daniel Pund has just the thing to do it.

MyFordDreams can't understand why Euros get the S-Max minivan while we dweebs over here are stuck with "crap" like the Freestar. Me, neither. I especially like the muscular front fenders, which definitely do not look like an afterthought.

If you haven't seen the Ram rash spot, drop what you're doing right now and go to Paul Tan's place.

So you've been transferred across the country and you don't feel like riding your Hog from here to there. Qt Auto News has something new you need to know about.

Lots of random thoughts over at this week.

Now this is a serious Z4! Where else, but Serious Wheels.

It's built in Hungary and it's got a Suzuki label on it, but what is it? Whatever it is, Straightline says the SX4 is headed our way.

The Auto Prophet is overdosing on Top Gear videos. This one on the Ford GT demonstrates yet again that these Brits do the best car TV ever. Even allowing for the fact we Yankee chaps are suckers for fast guys with English accents.

Joel at The Car Blog has some sound advice for what to do about that feeling you get in a tiny car when the joker behind you is determined to imprint his SUV's front bumper on your brand new Toyota Yaris' rear fascia.

Chris Paukert thinks "a manual cogswapper" is called for to make the new Land Rover Range Rover HSE more appropriately sporting for paved surfaces. That's one of the reasons why I can't miss The Truth About Cars. I mean who else uses such wonderfully archaic language?

Joe Sherlock saw an interesting-looking minivan in The View Through the Windshield while tooling around the Seattle region. It was disguised in the usual manner of the manufacturers, so Joe was not sure what it was he was seeing. But you know the guy is a journalist at heart because he spent half an hour looking at door handles of known vehicles on the internet trying to figure out what it was he saw. I admire that, Joe.

Finally, TheCarConnection reports the GM-Toyota research deal that has appeared to be as dead as an Aussie Goat has just been renewed.

And that, friends, Romans and countrymen who have lent me your cyber-ears, is the last word for this week's Carnival of Cars Drive Around the Auto Blog Block.