Friday, March 24, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, March 24, 2006

All winter I muttered "Spring can't get here too soon, Spring can't get here too soon," and now it's finally here. Well at least on the calender, it is. Things have been warming up around the auto blogs this week, too, so what say we throw this puppy in gear and head on out?

Excessive labor costs, unsustainable pension and healthcare costs, lengthy new model development cycles, boring design, you name it, General Motors Corp. has all of those problems and more. Hardly anybody on Wall Street would be surprised to read of a GM bankruptcy filing. But Professor Stephen Bainbridge suggests GM's biggest problem goes even deeper - it's the layer upon layer of hierarchy in management. Very persuasive case here.

Audi made history at Sebring, winning with a diesel-powered racecar. Brian Vermette at takes note.

Mazda has a brand new crossover coming next month called the CX-7 and Inside Line's Karl Brauer has driven it. Only problem is if he tells us about it, Mazda will kill him for violating the April 20 embargo. So go here to learn more about the new Mazda CX-7. No, Karl didn't break the embargo, but he sure is a cagey writer.

Check out this Gatornationals wrap from The Driving Woman's Sheila Mar, which includes interviews with Sheila Troxel and Shirley Muldowney.

Next time you wonder what kind of mileage you can expect from that shiny new car that caught your eye on the dealer's lot, Phil Reed with Strategies for Smart Car Buyers has just the thing to turn you into an educated consumer. Statistics are wonderful, aren't they!

Now, moving right along ...

So your boss says "here's a check for $35,000 for you to get lost and never come back." And you say???? details the GM-Delphi deal.

OK, who said this: "If carrots are so good for the eyes, why does the pointy end hurt when you stick it in?" Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield will tell you but you have click the mouse thingie here. While you're there, be sure and read all about the Cobalt Queen of GM.

Oh man, dyad ya see that thang!!?? Iz got a Hemi!!! I never seed no throttle steerin' lak that before!!!! It's here at The Auto Prophet and it is probably the most linked to video ever down in Dawg Country.

And now for something completely, totally, I mean absolutely different from the return of the General, Serious Wheels' spotlight is on the Lambo Hamann Gallardo.

One of the world's top emerging carmakers is slashing its prices. Paul Tan will tell you who, what, when and where here.

My Honest Mechanic's Austin Davis knows just what to say when your buggy has that spongy brake thing going.

Joe at MyFordDreams has been having terminal-sounding problems with Blogger all week. Hey, Joe, don't give up. It's been a hard week for a lot of Blogger users, including yours truly. Movable Type is looking better every day, my friend.

David Wassman at MotorAlley goes googling for Pontiac and came up with one very insightful comparison of a Grand Prix with the Camry. Rick, are you listening, buddy?

Want your 2007 Dodge Calibre to take less than six seconds to get to 60 mph? Left Lane News has some news you need to know.

There's actually a fair amount of good news for GM for those willing to look beyond Detroit, according to's Dave Leggett.

Jalopnik's Fast is a little gassy ..... but only just a little. Me neither. Go here.

Ever heard of the Classic Car Club in Manhattan? Shouting Thomas at Harleys, Cars, Girls & Guitars was driving by there recently and investigated. What he found is an interesting concept for putting gorgeous vehicles like the 89 Ferrari 348 GTB pictured with the post in your driveway. For a day or so anyway. Check it out here.

WARNING: Grant's Auto Rants is doing that exponential notation calculation stuff again. I thought he was back on his meds!! They never should have rented "A Beautiful Mind." Seriously, it's all about BMW, hydrogen and the next big thing in alternative alternatives.

Lots of talk about a low-end Cayenne from Porsche over at Gear6.

Racing season starts soon for the real race cars - you know, the ones that don't have fenders - and Fast Machines has lots of great stuff, including Danica playing it cool about her absence from Victory Lane. Will Danica's critics remember a certain Mr. Cheever who spent how many years in F1 without a trophy to show for it?

If you ever wondered how they make those neat auto tv spots, Carscoop has it on a Bimmer piece from Down Under.

Anybody know who owns the ticketed Ferrari Carpundit saw across the street from Park's True Value Hardware in Boston?

AutoBlog's John Neff drives the Lincoln Zephyr and explains why its lack of stability control is not a concern. Now, tell me again, Mr. Ford, what will the Zephyr's name be this time next year?

This Just In! The Justice Department publishes the "Criminal Resource Manual," according to Auto Muse. Strange, I thought DOJ's job was depriving criminals of resources ....

And finally, the clock goes tick, tick, tick for Rick, according to Auto Extremist honcho Peter DeLorenzo. Here's the bottom line: "The bottom line for Rick Wagoner is that even if some sort of an agreement with the UAW and Delphi is hammered out this week, it won't be enough."

Again, thanks to all the new contributors to the Carnival of Cars and we will meet again right here next week.

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