Friday, April 07, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, April 7, 2006

Things may be going to Hades on the balance sheet at GM but this was the week Gangrious Motors put the final touches on its first "autotainment" center in Las Vegas.

If that news isn't exciting enough, let's head out for this week's Carnival of Cars and see what we find, shall we?

Battling insomnia, The Auto Prophet took a look at Ford's most recent sales numbers and wondered whether anybody in Dearborn is awake for the approaching "slow motion train wreck." Could there be a connection between that nightmare and this?

Shouting Thomas of Harleys, Cars, Girls and Guitars has also been on the dark side of the auto universe this week.

A new CofC entry this week comes from OK, so I'm not really a cowboy, who loves his brand new Mustang GT. No, I mean he really loves that car. But he does have some suggestions for Dearborn on how it could have been improved during the birthing.

BTW, I really am a cowboy because I gradjeeated from here.

Also new to C0fC this week is The Garage where you will find some quiet thoughts about the death of Paul Dana.

There aren't many cowboys over in Lynchburg, but that doesn't keep Corndog's Flex Fuel Chevy News from being enthused about GM sales, at least at his dealership.

Another new CofC entry this week comes from Kevin Connors at The Daily Brief. He surveys the hydrogen car scene and concludes much of the optimism in that corner is unwarranted: "... any way you get it requires so much more energy than gasoline, or any other fossil fuel, that it simply is not economical."

Dorri at If it's got an engine ... would like to drive the double nickel ... if somebody up ahead in the left lane would just speed up!!!!! I know the feeling, friend.

Now, moving right along ...

Did you know the automobile has just about exhausted all of its potential development? Neither did Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield. Lesson? Never trust the experts, he says. And he's got examples.

Looking at a Honda CR-V? So was The Truth About Cars' Rob Schweitzer and he liked what he saw.

The Driving Woman sat down for a chat with the lone woman competing in Pro Stock, Erica Enders who got all the way to the Gatornationals final with her Chevy Cobalt before losing. Interesting interview offers evidence we will be hearing much more from Erica in the days ahead.

Joel at The Car Blog doesn't have much patience left for folks who post inane questions in automotive forums. And, no, he's not really seriously considering putting those dub twos on his Miata.

Straightline quotes a Ford official who admits a redesign is in the works because they were a bit too conservative with the 500. As "Tater Salad" might say: "Ya think???"

Let's see now, the 2007 Audi TT has been out for how long? Serious Wheels already has some serious shots.

Speaking of Tater, My Honest Mechanic's Austin Davis has a correspondent with a mechanic who wuz wrong. Don't worry, if you don't enjoy this, the "wuz wrong" reference won't make any sense at all.

MyFordDreams2 doesn't sound like he will be eying that slightly used Mustang rag top much longer. And that is, as he says, a "friggin' shame" cuz he's like, you know, a Ford guy.

Then there is this from Wizbang on the Ford front. I don't think this is what was meant when critics said quality had to become a burning issue for Detroit or the imports would take over.

Dave at MPH Blog is in Day 4 of the Ethanol Hunt. Where's ADM when you need them, right?

If you are the person who put the first ding in Wassman's S4, I would stay completely away from MotorAlley if I were you.

Curious about that new TT's price? Left Lane News has what you are seeking here.

A quick-with-the-shutter Jalopnik reader found proof that GM wasn't the only Detroit automaker up to something in Vegas. Remember when Ol' Shel was hanging around Hertz?

Have you had your mufflerscopy this year? The doctor at Grant's Auto Rants will see you now.

Gear6 thinks it's time to discover the Tundra's new web site.

Fastlane Blog has the scoop on the Cadillac BLS and its European debut. And don't miss your chance to be on! I think Chevy deserves credit for doing that project even though they knew some anti-SUVers would take advantage of the opportunity.

OK, who is the dim bulb marketing genius who came up with the idea of switching Marty Reid from NHRA coverage on ESPN to the IRL, with Paul "The Voice of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Network" Page heading to the quarter mile? FastMachines wants to know.

I am curious about that one, myself. I remember Page when he was Sid Collins' guy in Turn One at Indy.

Betcha wouldn't mind dropping your Subie WRX's 0-60 mph time from five seconds flat to 4.8. Carscoop tells you all about a couple of new ProDrive "enhancements."

I don't know ... crossing an Audi with a Bimmer. Wouldn't that be kinda like marrying your first cousin? Carpundit says ... ah, stop smirking and just go read it, okay?

And finally for this week ...

Alternative Fuel Universe has a photo of an actual bio-diesel home production unit. Next week's exclusive: "The Fish Carburetor Finally Exposed! It's Real!!"

Okay folks, we've reach the end. See ya next week.

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