Friday, April 14, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, April 14, 2006

Yes, there was that big deal show up in New Yawk this week, but I'm guessing we will find lots of other interesting stuff all around the auto blogs if we just look, so let's get moving:

Can blogs help put a stop to car thievery? StolenCarReports Blog is an attempt to find out.

Scuderi Group's Air Hybrid Blog looks rather interesting.

Betcha Chevy is thankful that's not a "Before and After" piece on the SSR over at Harleys, Cars, Girls & Guitars. Also, don't miss Shouting Thomas' post on the Manhattan gas station.

Did you know there was actually an April Fool's Day prank based on a Mini (the two-wheel kind, not the car)? They've got the details at The Garage. I think this qualifies as a creative approach to viral marketing.

And all you Seinfeld fanatics think Kramer was the first famous Cosmo! WestPundit has a real Topper of a story.

Karl on Cars hopped into the new Mercedes Benz GL450 and was surprised by the comparison with the new full-size SUVs from the General. By the way, Karl, you nail it on the buttons in the Benz.

Meanwhile, Phil Reed at Strategies for Smart Car Buyers was in the Mile High City recently and spent some quality time behind the wheel of a Jetta that runs on biomass. His Daddy has some interesting stuff going on in the biomass arena as well.

Acura took the wraps off its MD-X concept in New York this week and The Driving Woman's Erin had an interesting conversation with Frank Paluch, the chief engineer on the vehicle.

Oh, you want more info on the New York Auto Show? Check out Straightline's video offering.

And don't miss Noonzwheels' comprehensive report on the latest Lexus hybrid.

Now, moving right along ...

Did a Chrysler executive really say those bad things about the nice people in the petroleum industry? Alternative Fuel Universe has the details.

Who said this:

"A really well made car, like a really well made wine, is a work of art. A thing of beauty that appeals to all of one’s senses. And, unlike a painting or a photograph, it also has substantial utilitarian value. You can get some where, while also pleasing your aesthetic side."

No, it wasn't the rest of the quote from Kipling when he compared the relative values of a cigar and a woman. Check out the interview with Prof. Stephen Bainbridge at The Auto Muse.

The Auto Spectator has lots of info on the new "California Special" edition of the Mustang GT. (Ed. Note to TAS: Those ads that interrupt going to the full story are reaaaaalllllly irritating.)

Not everything beautiful and exotic at the New Yawk show has four wheels, as evidenced by the presence of Suzuki's Stratosphere concept motorcycle. Some of the Autoblog folks who saw it were "aroused."

Great roundup at Cars! Cars! Cars! of everything to be seen at the New Yawk doings. Also here.

Nissan does make a Navarra "Monster Truck." If you don't believe me, check this out from Carscoop.

Fast Machine's Scott Keller was at the Long Beach GP and saw evidence of a newly healthy Champ Car Series. That's great news, but why the continuing talks with the guy from the dark side over at IMS?

If you wondered why there has been a paucity of Lutz posts at GM's FastLane Blog, he's posted an explanation.

The world now has a four-door Jeep Wrangler and Gear6 was there for the intro.

Some very serious questions about GM and the UAW are posed by Buickman at General Watch. These are questions that demand answers. Where is The Detroit Free Press? The Wall Street Journal? For that matter, how about Automotive News?

Dorri at If It's Got An Engine ... looks at a five-cylinder radial that makes four horsepower at 8,000 rpm and weighs less than six pounds. Do the RC people have something to teach automakers about packaging and combustion efficiency?

DCX is crowing about hot sales in Asia and ramping up to build 300s over there, according to Jalopnik. But the actual numbers are a bit deceiving.

Did you catch the Spyker in Basic Instinct 2? No, I didn't go see it, either, but JustAuto's Dave Leggett has some saucy observations about remakes and rejects.

Also rounding up the New Yawk stuff is LeftLane News.

Dave Wassman at Motor Alley does an excellent job of adding up the plusses and minuses for GM's Rick Wagoner. It's a comprehensive assessment but not a lot of grounds for optimism.

Joe at MyFordDreams2 was mostly pleased with what he saw at New Yawk and promises a full report in a day or so.

So you mistakenly poured the motor oil into the radiator, right? Time to panic? Curse a blue streak? Dig a hole and crawl into it? Nah, says, My Honest Mechanic's Austin Davis.

Paul Tan says Pininfarina designed the China Brilliance Auto's Zhonghua Junjie. It does look good but the name has got to change.

Anybody else remember the 80s Beta of Nurburgring from the cockpit as Derek Bell hustled a Porsche 956 around on what was claimed to be the fourth fastest lap ever turned there? Well, The Auto Prophet found a new clip of a lap around the place that clearly is not Bell at the wheel but is nevertheless worth watchin.

The Truth About Cars' Michael Karesh was just a little skeptical before driving the Saturn Sky that GM could build a real sports car - you know, something light, lithe and lovely - but he's a little more positive after the experience.

Do you recall what P.J. O'Rourke called Porsche? Joe Sherlock at The View Throught the Windshield does. He's got some thoughts on the next Prius and rumors that it will get 90+ mpg and outperform the current generation, too.

Can you believe it, we are actually at the end of our drive for this week. In case you are wondering why Carnival of Cars is late this week, it's due to my tearing a tendon in my right elbow last weekend, starting a new job Monday and finding Blogger not particularly cooperative with my attempts to post last night or this morning. Sorry about the delays.

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