Friday, April 21, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, April 21, 2006

This week may prove to be the week that was in the automotive world, thanks to release of that new study that demonstrates distracted drivers - NOT SPEED - are the main cause of traffic accidents. Now if we can just get that message to the gendarmes sitting beside roads everywhere just waiting to extract a contribution from your wallet to the local treasury!

But anyway, it's time to fire up the old cyber buggy and head out for this week's drive around the auto blog block and see what we see, so shall we? BTW, instead of a radar detector, we use a BS detector on this road trip.

Want to see the Camaro Concept in action? NoonzWheels has lots of photos and a video clip of the coming Chevy musclecar in action at the New York Auto Show. Alex likes the look and the sound of it.

And speaking of the NYAS, Brian from Racedriven has some additional thoughts and observations on what he saw at the Javits Center.

Now, moving right along ...

Audi is developing a compact SUV that, judging from the spy shots in TheCarConnection, looks an awful lot like a Dodge Calibre. Or is it just my imagination?

When Joe Sherlock scans The View Through the Windshield, among other things he sees in the newest Honda Civic the 21st Century's pop auto culture icon, just like the 66 Mustang was for the 20th Century. I'm not sure I agree that the Civic will reach that status, but it's an interestng topic of discussion.

Any other suggestions? Ford Explorer maybe? Toyota Prius? The last car GM makes before bankruptcy?

Ohhhkay, moving right along ...

Agree or disagree with him, you have to admit there are few word merchants as lucid or expressive as The Truth About Cars' Robert Farago. He's got Rick Wagoner in his sights this week and it's not pretty. Superbly written, but not pretty.

Michelle at The Driving Woman fell victim to three Chips hiding amongst parked cars on the Pacific Coast Highway. She was doing 64 mph at a point where the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 45 mph. Can you believe that! I mean how could she!!! Think of the threat to public safety Michelle represented at that moment!!!! No matter that the guy she passed as he was weaving around talking on his cell phone represented a greater danger, but .... oh, don't get me started again.

Joel at The Car Blog isn't happy with some of the recommendations he finds for teen cars.

Got indigestion from those high gas prices? The Auto Prophet links to a solid piece of reporting on what's really behind the high-velocity vertical climb of the price-per-barrel.

Straightline has the bad vibes for the Pontiac Vibe AWD and GT. Frankly, I never understood the rationale for a Pontiac Toyota - or Toyota Pontiac - in the first place.

Qt Auto News has a milestone for Anybody out there familiar with that web site or had dealings with it?

No, the Naza NX-01 isn't for sale here in the states, but you should know what Paul Tan has to say about its launch "over there" in Malaysia anyway because you never know - when gas hits $4 a gallon here, we may all be looking for Nazas.

Joe at My Ford Dreams has an excellent look at the goofy approach Ford too often takes on where it sells its' best products from international platforms. I agree - why isn't that aggressive Focus three-door sold here?

Left Lane News says Hamann is "pimping" the M5, again.

Kevin Connors at Westpundit thinks the world has, finally, outgrown the China Syndrome syndrome. That could be good news for energy consumers, if true.

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