Friday, April 28, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, April 28, 2006

Hey, a veritable tsunami of Carnival of Cars submissions came in this week, so let's get this hoopy on the road, shall we?

Shouting Thomas at Harleys, Cars, Girls and Guitars was out on his regular reconaissance run and came across Willow Automotive Service in tiny Willow, New York. Lots of interesting restoration jobs there, including a 1940 Rolls, a 55 T-Bird and a "Wal-Mart" chopper.

Ever wonder how being a law professor stacks up on commuting time compared to other professions? Well, me neither, but then I am a journo, not a briefs geek, but the folks at Workplace Prof Blog did and the results may surprise you. Or not.

Speaking of profs, the good Dr. Stephen Bainbridge wonders if your typical Crunchy Con buys a Prius.

If $3 a gallon gas has you wondering about the tax implications of buying a hybrid, Don't Mess With Taxes has an excellent rundown of what's what and why.

Do you know about Lightning McQueen? No, it has nothing to do with Bullit or barb-wire jumping motorcycles to make the great escape. The Garage Blog tells all about ... well, just go read about a trip to the mall.

Corndog says GM's long involvement in drag racing has played a role in the General's gaining an ethanol edge. It has to do with measuring alcohol content and Corndog's Flexfuel Chevy News has the story.

Brian at Racedriven partook of the racing nightlife at Phoenix and survived to file a report.

Inside Line took a Jeep Commander loaded with stuff for a long day of off-roading and came away mildly impressed.

The Driving Woman has everything you ever wanted to know about "chick cars" and "guy cars." Does this have anything to do with that Metrosexual stuff Bainbridge is talking about?

Cruise control - It actually saves gas. Hey , it's in Strategies for Smart Car Buyers, so it must be true. And who doesn't want to be a smart buyer?

Edmunds editor Karl Brauer reminds in Karl on Cars that it's time for you to cast your ballot for Consumers Most Wanted Cars. BTW, thanks, Karl, for a bunch of great auto blogs - Edmunds is doing it right.

If your 2007 Camry tranny is doing, uh, odd things in second and sixth gears, you need to read this tidbit from Straightline.

Now, moving right along ...

Is NASCAR nation one big honking fraud on the motorsports fan? They actually talk about such heresies without pulling the shades down at The Auto Extremist and their Road Kill columnist, Dr. Bud Bryan, has a lot to say about what he thinks Detroit should tell the France family conglomerate.

GM, DCX and BMW claim lots of progress in their joint hybrid powertrain development venture. The Auto Spectator has the news release with the details and the spin.

If you ever wondered how a BMW Z4 is made, Autoblog links to a TGIF feature just for you.

Do you know who Reed Hillman is? Car Pundit does and also why the guy may well be the most honest man in Massachusetts politics. He knows writing lots of speeding tickets doesn't do diddly for traffic safety. That's almost enough to make this barely reconstructed Rebel move to Yankeeland just vote for the guy!

The folks at Cars! Cars! Cars! are not, shall we say, impressed with the performance of certain of our congressional leaders this week.

There is a new 355 horsepower 4.2 lier V-8 lurking around the Audi stable now. CARSCOOP can tell you all about it.

Maybe the Prancing Horse boys are back on form. Fast Machines takes a look at Michael's return to the top of the F1 podium at San Marino.

Lots of other fabled automakers have done it in various ways in years past, so why not Maserati? Check it out at Gear6.

Melisa Tezanos at GM FYI Blog is calling all Silverado owners who have turned over the odometer twice or more. Bet you can guess what's next on this one.

Over at Grant's Auto Rants, they are ... ranting, of course, and this time around they want to know whatever happened to Joe Isuzu. I always thought he bought it on a lightning bolt after telling one too many fibs.

Somethin' new up at Hot Wheels Blog.

Toyota is spreading around some serious money in NASCAR. That's putting some grins on lots of crew members with non-Toyota teams, too, according to Jalopnik.

Just-Auto's Dave Leggett is suffering through a JD Power conference in Europe. Oh, the humanity!

An "entry level" Ferrari? Riiiiight! And then there will be the Rolls Econolux hatchback. And the Yugo Presidential Limosine. Check it out at Left Lane News.

So this guy's battery cable melts, you see, and next thing he knows the in-car clock won't even run! Austin Davis at My Honest Mechanic has the rest of this 94 Cougar nightmare.

Paul Tan says Proton and Lotus have a new low-end design in the works.

Your search for Aston Martin DB9 wallpaper is over, thanks to Serious Wheels.

True, it's about The Auto Prophet's review of the Dell DJ Ditty, which is not available at your local auto parts collective, but the conversation with the techie dude in India is priceless.

Joel at the Car Blog has been bitten by the bike bug. Guess who is none too happy about that!?! I know exactly what you mean, buddy.

The Truth About Cars' Jonny Lieberman thinks Honda's new Fit is a good fit for the times.

Joe Sherlock describes Santa Cruz as "a town full of burnt-out hippies, assorted wackos and Princess Moonbeams. But the place has a great roller coaster." Check out The View Through the Windshield to find out why Joe is also not real hep on Hamas, Gov. Christine Gregoire's state trooper protection unit and Hassan Abassi's geo-political speculations.

Why does New York have so many bad drivers? Top Speed explains it all.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the last stop on this week's Carnival of Cars Drive Around the Auto Blogs Block. See ya next week!

By the way, I'm doing some housecleaning on the blogroll later today, so if you notice some blogs missing, it will be because they've not been updated in a long time.

By the way II: This entire drive was produced using only my left hand in the "hunt'n peck" typing technique. It's not by my choice, believe me!

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