Tuesday, April 25, 2006

GM Adds New FYI Blog to Cyber Stable

One thing appears certain about the General, the folks there seem to understand blogs better than any other automaker. First it was the Fastlane Blog. Now its GM FYI Blog. GM Communications New Media Director Michael Wiley and the GM executives giving him freedom to develop these blogs deserve plaudits for moving forward.

Here's what they promise with the new effort:

"The FYI Blog will highlight the positive developments that occur at GM on a daily basis, though we won't shy away from controversy. Things that most of us would otherwise never hear about.

"Whereas the FastLane Blog usually gets new entries once or twice a week, the FYI blog aspires to be much more active. Expect to see at least a daily post, written by people throughout the organization.

"Here are the categories of information that the blog will feature:

* Cool Stuff - Stories about innovations; product, technology, facilities and manufacturing
* Our People - Profiles of GM employees and their unique jobs, careers, etc.
* News - Good News stories, including items that you may otherwise never hear about
* Opinions - GM op/ed pieces intended to shed light on issues in the news
* Guest Voices - Blog entries written by third parties who are not GM employees"

Sounds like a more venturesome effort. Go here for the GM FYI blog.