Sunday, April 30, 2006

There is Another, Maybe Not So Great, Side to Ethanol; Is GM Misleading Consumers on E85?

That is the case presented by Ed Wallace in Business Week Online. This is a very disturbing article. I've recently expressed enthusiasm for E85 but this article claims:

* Ethanol requires more energy to produce per gallon than is released when that gallon is combusted.

* Ethanol increases VOC emissions and would thus likely lead to more smog in the cities during the summer driving season.

* Ethanol lowers fuel efficiency by as much as 25-40 percent and thus will significantly increase the cost of driving.

If these claims are true, E85 is not a good deal. But I am sure ethanol advocates have answers to these criticisms and I want to hear them. I'd alsolike to hear GM's response.

UPDATE: Corndog Has His Say

As I suspected, Corndog over in Virginny wasted no time responding to the Ed Wallace article. Here's his post. Read it carefully and then post your reaction here in the comment section.