Friday, May 19, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, May 19, 2006

How does one know if one is living in an automotive golden age? This query has baffled experts for decades but what may well be the definitive answer has been found, which you will find here on the Autoblog site.

And with that important question answered, how about we fire up the cyber muscle car and head out for this week's Carnival of Cars drive around the auto blog block!

First, there is OK, I'm Not Really a Cowboy's comprehensive treatment of the alternative fuels alternatives. Ethanol and new-generation diesels get thumbs up, fuel cells and hydrogen don't. An excellent read all the way through.

Corndog's Flex Fuel Chevy News provides an illustration of free market consistency in rejecting import duties on ethanol produced outside the U.S. I admire consistency - Keynes was as wrong about that as he was about everything else.

I know you've been kept up at night wondering about the true weight of that flat-6 in your Corvair, but West Pundit has what you need - a complete list of the weights of engine-transmission combinations. It's so good, it's even got the figure for that V-12 Pierce-Arrow you've got hidden out behind the barn!

Here's the question: Buy a 2007 now or wait for the 2008? Jeep Guy at I Want a Jeep really wants to know! You don't think this blog could actually be ole Deiter's way of letting his inner Jeep free, do you?

Can you believe the nerve of those Canadian Lotus dealers, charging more for an Elise than their Texas colleagues??? Gary at The Garage Blog has the numbers for all the pocket rockets and finds a few more suprises.

Speaking of advanced diesels - yes, that's one of the topics up at OK, So I'm Not Really a Cowboy - Alex at NoonzWheels has the scoop on Audi's intro of a Piezo-enhanced 2.0 liter TDI. Geez, sounds like some kind of new wrinkle cream for women.

And from our For Your Wallet Only files, NoonzWheels also notes the prospective sale of a certain Lotus driven by Roger Moore in a Bond flick. Frankly, I've never understood the allure of owning a car once driven by a movie star in a movie, but, as Jack Kemp always says, whatever floats your boat.

If you are going to the British International Motor Show, don't make the mistake of thinking there are nothing but Bimmers on display. NoonzWheels also has the details on the massive exhibit being planned by Bavarians.

Now, moving right along ....

And you thought Top Speed only dealt with questions about the proper line through the Nurburing's Flugpatz. Here he addresses the important issue of the true efficacy of certain car care products.

OK, they got to drive it before me. No wonder GM is so friggin' screwed up! Get Lutz on the phone now!!

Where would we get an additional million barrels of oil per day for the TAPS pipeline? Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield knows.

Jay Shoemaker at The Truth About Cars spent some time in the latest hybrid Civic and thinks somebody in the Interior Design Department at Honda set the Way Back machine to 1973.

Women still find buying a new car a hassle, according to a survey Joanne May describes at The Driving Woman. My guess is that so do most men.

Joel at The Car Blog has been watching Suze Orman again. Saving money, too.

Now this is going too far! I mean microprocessors, wife and LEDs in your wheels, come on. I fear The Auto Prophet has been seduced by the dread techno-bling complex.

GM has 19 - count'em, 19 - new powertrain combos next year. Straightline has the details.

What's next for Darlington? has thoughts.

I think I want one of these Naza Bestari Sportivos that Paul Tan spotlights. Sounds like an Alfa on steroids.

If your car just stops while you are driving but then restarts and runs fine after a short wait, My Honest Mechanic has the answer. It's a shame folks like the owner of the Buick Park Avenue that occasioned this query to Austin Davis have to go through such nonsense from dealers to get a straight answer.

Have you changed your driving habits since gas prices skyrocketed? Joe at MyFordDreams2 has and so have folks he knows. He wonders why the mainstream media keeps saying people aren't adjusting.

Not sure what to make of this post at Left Lane News.

Is there really a car for champagne greens? Yes and's Dave Leggett can tell you all about it.

Can you imagine a bunch of Toyota execs in cowboy hats and boots, drainin' brewskis with Hank Jr. and arguing about whether Brett Favre is the NFL's version of Dale Earnhardt? No, me neither but Jalopnik has evidence to the contrary. The world is gettin' weirder and weirder, my friends!

Dorri at If It's Got an Engine explains the recent absence and assures that posting will return in a couple of weeks.

Check out the Lambo wall art at Hot Wheels Blog. We're not just talking artzy pitchers here, either.

There's an automotive angle on the immigration debate and Shouting Thomas at Harleys, Cars, Girls and Guitars has details.

Grant's Rants has everything Hummer H1.

You knew "Engine Charlie" Wilson was misquoted but did you know that he said what he actually said before the Senate Armed Services Committee and that he also said he thought GM was too big? Brian Akre at GM's FYI Blog explains everything.

General Watch has the complete text of the report security did not allow to be distributed during the recent GM shareholders meeting.

And the (carbon fiber) wheels go round and round and round .... Mosler is the first and Gear6 has a neat photo.

Larry Burns at GM Fastlane explains that it simply isn't true to say there is no hydrogen distribution network now. Hmmm, maybe this hydrogen deal isn't just a lot of hot air after all. No, I didn't really say that, did I? Maybe it's time for me to back away from the lap top ....

It was Penske Perfect again at the Brickyard during Pole Day qualifying. Fast Machines' Allen Brewer covers the field.

Carscoop says there will be a new high performance Lotus in 2008.

Doing 126 mph on the George Washington Parkway is not a good way to start your legal career, according to Carpundit.

Autoblog says its curtains for Stratus and Sebring.

Ethanol Boy at Auto Extremist was in Houston for the CART, uh excuse me, the Champ Car weekend with the ALMSers at Reliant Stadium and wasn't impressed. You didn't ask for my opinion on this one, but I'm gonna tell you anyway that I think street circuits here in the states are a joke.

I guess that means I got the last word for this week's edition of Carnival of Cars. Sorry, it won't happen again.

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