Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Glenn and Helen Show Interviews Jim Meigs of Popular Mechanics on Alternative Fuels

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame and his wife Helen have recently begun blogcasting their own show featuring segments on a variety of topics of interest to public policy wonks, political activists, think tank operators and even car fanatics like yours truly.

The great thing about the show is that the Reynolds consistently produce quality material and that fact is nowhere better illustrated than the most recent production's interview with Popular Mechanics editor Jim Meigs for a segment on alternative fuels.

BTW, Glenn drives a Mazda RX8 and is quite knowledegable about many aspects of the automotive industry and its issues. Meigs hits all the major issues during the interview and provides some worthwhile analysis of why the political system has such difficulty dealing with alternative fuels.

Go here for the full Glenn and Helen Show (you don't even have to have an iPOD!). Also. you won't want to miss the Popular Mechanics feature on alternative fuels that inspired the Meigs interview. This is one of the most comprehensive and readable pieces I've read anywhere on the topic.