Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tendon Update: Everything Healing Nicely

Some folks have inquired about the tendon surgery from last week. I appreciate very much the concern and especially the prayers!

Everything seems fine so far. I had a solid cast for the first week but for the past week and for the next five weeks I have a hinged brace that allows me to type with both hands. The physical therapy will continue for a month or two thereafter, depending on how quickly the tendon heals.

It's an inconvenience to be sure, but I can take the brace off to shower (a relief to my long-suffering family!) and, since I can't get a dress shirt over it or tie a tie, I still get to wear polo shirts to the newsroom It's gonna be so hard going back to the braces and tie thing!

Anyway, thanks again for the inquiries and prayers.

Didn't Gary Bettenhausen drive Indy cars for several years after a crash left his right arm essentially useless?