Friday, June 02, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, June 2, 2006

Wow! What a week it's been, as The New York Times' Thomas Friedman compares GM to a crack dealer and GM Fastlane responds with a devastating critique. Plus, Carnival of Cars received a raft of submissions for today, so let's lay some cyber rubber, shall we?

Jack Yoest wisely uses a recent mishap involving the family SUV to teach his son - aka "the Dude" - a useful skill and the satisfaction that comes with being able to fix something. Way to go, Jack!

Rude Awakening might be an apt title for Richtofen's description at Blind Chick Racing of his attempt to buy a new pickup (tow truck for a race car, maybe?) and what he discovered about the reasons for the paucity of F-150s, Silverados and Tundras with V-8s and sticks. The Nanny State is everywhere.

Whither the benighted GTO? Thus wonders Chuck Russell at Car Buying Tips. No, this one, not this one.

A pox on the return of the Double Nickel, proclaims Steve Faber's Opportunityaplenty's Debt blog.

Corndog's goin' all arty on us over at Corndog's Flex-Fuel Chevy News. Got a neat full-color diagrahm of how enthanol is produced, plus a detailed explanation of each step. Come on, you know you were just dying to get your hands on such a diagrahm!

Corndog also has something to say about Hillary's recently unveilled new national energy policy. It involves bananas.

Auto-Future cheers the prospect of Infiniti entering the European market, but worries about the future of PSA.

The Garage wants to know when street racing becomes a crime. It's an important question up in Ontario because the politicians and gendarmes are moving to make racing on the streets a criminal offense. Or I should say offence since its Canada. Sounds aboot right.

The Taxman Cometh .... with good news, according to Don't Mess With Taxes. The IRS now says the Honda Civic Hybrid gets the federal tax credit. DMWT has the breakdown of the numbers.

NoonzWheels likes that a European Focus ST was seen recently in Mexico, but cautions that such sightings don't always mean the spotted vehicle is coming to this market.

Is that anything like a spotted owl?

Was that a hoot of a pun or what?

Pleeze, somebody ... anybody .... stop me.

Speaking of neat hardware available overseas, Alex at NoonzWheels has word that Mitsubishi just dropped a Raliart edition of its Colt micro into the Japanese market.

Great news just arrived! Thermal depolymerization is right around the corner!! Read all about it at Interesting Thing of the Day. Trust me, it does have something to do with autos.

Now, moving right along ....

Top Speed has a great spread of photos of the new Three Series Bimmer, plus some astute commentary.

Those contemplating organizing a car show for any reason should read Joe Sherlock's suggestions for how to do it right at The View Through the Windshield.

Do you suffer from Excessive Horsepower Disorder? There is no cure, but there is hope for sufferers. The Truth About Cars' Sajeev Mehta has everything you need to know.

Gotta buy used this time? The Driving Woman has a new list of Best Bets.

Joel at The Car Blog explains why people will spend $100,000 or more for wheels. Funny, I thought it was because they lasted longer ...

An I-5 I can see, but a V-5? Sure, it's been done in motorcycling, but in cars? Straightline says China is preparing to export a Chery with a V-5. I think they are a piston short of a full load.

Paul Tan reports that Hyundai Getz Cross. It's a "soft-roader."

Want to know the 100 highest quality cars in Europe? MyFordDreams has the list from the U.K.

David Wassman at Motor Alley says Nissan "Gets It," but do you know the single dumbest measure of effective automotive ad buying? He does and he'll tell you if you call him on the number in his post.

Anybody else remember I think it was one of the Granatelli brothers talking about his bone-stock-looking Chevy Caprice with the mega-mega horsepower twin turbo big block under the hood and how much fun it was blowing off Testarossas? I didn't think so, but Jalopnik has the beans on a guy who did the same sort of thing but to a 91 Cressida.

My buddy Dale from Hot Wheels Blog spent some time in a rental Malibu back home in Oklahoma and reports on his impressions of this reborn Chevy classic. Maybe it should have stayed on Memory Lane, right, Dale?

Hummer manager Nick Richards tells all about Rod Hall and the Baja 1000 at GM's FYI Blog. I don't "get" off-road racing, but Hall sure does.

Did I menton something at the outset about The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman's ill-informed column about GM and a scathing rejoinder by Bob Lutz? Actually, if you go to Fastlane blog, you will find the scathing rejoinder by GM's Steven Harris. It is well worth a careful read, as is Friedman's column. Maybe now people like Harris have a better understanding of what those on the Right have been saying about the mainstream media for a long time.

And finally, Peter DeLorenzo and the Auto Extremist crew look back over seven delightfully demented years.

Don't forget!

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