Friday, June 23, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, June 23, 2006

There are murmurs in Detroit this week about what the Big Three will do if President Bush won't go along with dmeands for more federal subsidies for the industry. But what about the products, you know, the cars? That's the question that opens this week's Carnival of Cars so why don't we head out on the cyber road, shall we!

BTW, before we get too far, my perfect son Marcus gave me tickets to the IRL's SunTrust Indy Challenge Presented by XM SAtellite Radio race at Richmond tomorrow night, but now the weather forecast is not looking good. Pray for sun and clear skies, please! And thanks!!

Oh, and one more thing: Iowahawk normally spins some of the world's funniest political satire, but something got into him recently and he has posted this wonderful meditation on the beauty and enduring historical significance of the 32 Ford. It's called "Vive Le Deuce" and it is well worth reading.

Okay, off we go ...

The Auto Prophet took a look at the new Chrysler Sebring and came away wondering if somebody hit the Chrysler design studio with an ugly stick.

Remember the old TV show "Route 66" and its automotive star, the Corvette? Jack Yoest does and he explains the connection with the new Disney movie, "Cars."

Interesting Thing of the Day has a look at Personal Flying Machines.

Corndog's Flex-Fuel Chevy wonders about the wisdom of the government subsidizing Amtrak passenger rail service at the same time it approves measures designed to make rail's chief competitor, the private passenger car, even cheaper and more efficient.

Debt Free has lots of important information needed to make a wise decision about whether to donate an old car to a charity.

Chuck at Car Buying Tips says you have to look beyond the numbers in order to really now if you are being offered a good deal for you or for the dealer. And Chuck explains trade-in allowances here.

Audi dominated the LeMans 24 Hour with its turbo diesel-powered R10 last week, so is it time for all race sanctioning bodies to start converting their series' to alternative fuels? Brian at says yes.

Over at The Garage, GAry says it's "just unfreakin' believeable" that former F1 world champion and Indy 500 winner Jacque Villeneuve has recorded a single on Myspace.

Now, moving right along ....


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