Friday, September 08, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, September 8, 2006

Some week, huh. Bill Ford throws in the towel and installs an airplane guy as Dearborn's new boss man, GM extends its powertrain warranty and UAW president suggests a very dark place where Daimler-Chrysler should shove its request for health care relief. Hey, this car stuff is serious business, no?

So, time to fire up the old cyber buggy and head on down the road for this week's Carnival of Cars!

Don't go shopping in Boston for a mid-70s Eldorado rag top. Carpundit has photos of one whose owner left the top down during a monsoon that dumped at least an inch of rainfall on Beantown. Notes Carpundit: "If this thing ever comes up for sale, give it a pass. Unless you like permanent mildew."

Joe Kissel is getting all steamed up over at Interesting Thing of the Day. Literally. Very interesting retrospective on the Doble steam cars produced by the Doble Brothers' General Engineering Company. Don't assume we've heard the last about steam and autos, though, because Joe reports BMW is working on a "turbosteamer."

Over at CarBuyingTips, Chuck Russell says it really is possible to have negative credit information removed from your credit record. Hmmmm. Any comments on this one, folks?

Egon spent a recent day at Rev It Up! and rather enjoyed himself. A full report is at Automoblog.

Ever heard of Dipstick Fast Lube? You have to go to Easley, South Carolina, to find it but Jodey DeVere at Ask Patty has an interview with Lori Miller, owner of the first and only all-female lube shop.

First-time Carnival of Cars entrant All Tips and Tricks has 10 tips for rental car customers. Strange, I thought at first that it was a blog about creative rules applications - aka "cheatin'" - by the good ole boys back in NASCAR's southern fried golden era.

And another first-time Carnival of Cars entrant is, which is rather taken by a Brandweek piece arguing that women are the decisive marketing influence in the auto industry.

Welcome to both of you! Be sure and add All Tips and Tricks and to your regular blog reading list.

Say it ain't so, Louis! Sadly, Louis Albornoz says on Top Speed there is no way NASCAR is coming to Staten Island. So this artist conception of the masses of Yankee humanity crowding into the rumored raceway is just a dream. Or is it?

Do you know what "STP" actually stands for? No, it isn't "spend that profit." Go to How Products Were Named for the answer.

Uh, could somebody please explain to me the true nature of such sites. They seem to be proliferating like rabbits.

You knew it was coming, right? NASCAR has The Chase for the Nextel Cup. Now the NHRA comes up with The Countdown to the Championship. Brian at reports some "mixed" reactions at the U.S. Nationals.

Next thing you know, Roller Derby will proclaim "The Skate to Bailey's Comets." Never heard of it? Go here. It even featured a $1 million payoff.

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