Thursday, September 28, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, September 29, 2006

Kirk Kerkorian is threatening to buy even more GM stock. That's probably not the best headline Rick Wagoner has read this week, but there was a lot of other news and interesting/odd/puzzling incidents for those who know where to look, so let's hit the road, shall we?

Have you seen Cadillac's old job/new job spot for the DTS? Never says the word "Cadillac," but you get the message. If the cool guitar hasn't completely distracted you. Check it out here.

Just in case you are thinking about buying a new car or truck in the near future, you should bookmark If It's Got An Engine ...where they have conveniently collected links to the various manufacturers' web site listings of incentives.

And if it's a used car you are interested in, Garage Blog has the second in a five-part series on the topic of buying a previously owned masterpiece.

Ever heard of Jon Fischer? You know, the Jon Fischer who lives in Lunenberg, Massachusetts. He's 18 and he has - you aren't gonna believe this - come up with Speed Demon, an electronic tracking device that tells parents when, where and how much their teens were speeding in the family buggy. Read all about it at American Inventor Spot.

Let's see, now Jon is 18 and he has invented a device that means trouble for millions of his fellow adolescents. Jon, you might want to look into the Witness Protection Program.

Next time you have a bad day driving, come back to this post by Jennefer at Three Sons and a Princess.

Hillary Will has it in abundance. The will to win, that is. FastMachines has a great piece on a fascinating driver who is a Wheaton graduate in economics who spent a bunch of years as a financial analyst before going racing as a professional. You can also read her blog here.

In fact, here's Hillary:

OK, moving right along ...

I absolutely love reading Peter DeLorenzo at The Auto Extremist. He cuts to the chase about Carlos Ghosn's bid for a Renault-Nissan-GM alliance by noting that some of those fabled synergies of such deals might actually result, but:

"Any realistic, cohesive, effective partnership would take years to develop - if ever. And when I say years, I'm not talking Dieter Zetsche's concept of time - when everything magically works itself out in just a couple of quarters - but years, as in more than a decade."

While we're on the topic of GM's future, Straightline has the scoop on Kerkorian's plan to increase his share of the General's stock. Short of divine intervention, I don't think this guy is going away any time soon.

Now head over to my other favorite auto scribe, Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars, for his slicing and dicing of the Chrysler Aspen's driving personality:

"Good thing the seats offer no lateral support, the rack and pinion steering provides no useful feedback, the A-pillars cut off any practical view through a bend and the Aspen’s anchors are powerful and easily modulated."

I can't wait to read Robert's assessment of the new Sebring's exterior design.

Carscoop has a comprehensive, and I do mean comprehensive, list of links to everything being said at the Paris Auto Show this week. Somebody is on the ball over there!

Also in the mood for comprehensiveness is Kay Bell at Don't Mess With Taxes, who, in addition to being a car gal and a tax and finances expert, is also a birder. What has this previously unmentioned tidbit about Kay got to do with autos? Well, she was tooling along the other day out there in that part of Texas where all they have is miles and miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles and miles when she spied something she'd never seen before ....

I can't tell you the whole story, you gotta go on over to Don't Mess With Taxes. I promise it is as majestic as the Swainson's hawk soaring below.

See, you never know for sure what you you'll read next at the Carnival of Cars!

You might even see something about a moon shot. In fact, GM's Bob Lutz talks about the auto industry's moon shot - developing, producing and selling fuel cell vehicles - in this post at Fastlane. Interesting that miniaturization of computer electronics took roughly 30 years. Where on that timeline are we on miniaturization of fuel cell power production?

How did I miss this? FosFor Wheels has the Ferrari P 4/5. LeftLane News has the second look. Too bad it's not a Maranello product. I always thought the P3 was the most attractive of the 60s Ferrari prototypes.

Gear6 says it's time to send Mr. Chavez down in Venenzuela a message. The Auto Prophet also has a message for Hughie, which which I absolutely agree. Joining the chorus is Joe at MyFordDreams2. That Joe is a character and he has such excellent tastes in the blogs to which he links!

Buickman at General Watch and Automotive News' Ed Lapham are contemplating nicknames for various auto industry poobahs.

If we were looking for songs to associate with auto industry poo-bahs, would Bill Ford's be "Yesterday" by the Beatles?

GM FYI Blog guest blogger Jillian Beaumont left Big D yesterday at the start of the Chevy Silverado Drive for Farm Aid. They were at the Texas State Fairgrounds.

Leave it to Grant's Auto Rants to speculate about the menu at the first dinner of the prospective GM-Renault-Nissan or Ford-Renault-Nissan alliance. I think there will be a dinner but it will feature crow and it won't be to commemorate a new alliance.

Say a prayer today for Shouting Thomas at Harleys, Cars, Girls and Guitars. It's two years today since Myrna departed this world and it's still so tough. That's the kind of love the Lord is talking about with that stuff on the two becoming one.

Here's the lovely Myrna:

Xenon has a new body kit for the Dodge Charger. Definitely improves a look that I still just don't get. HotWheels Blog has the details. On the body kit. Not my not getting it.

They're doin' the morning shift over at Jalopnik.

David at MotorAlley takes a look at that hydrogen gaseous Seven-Series Bimmer.

Austin Davis at My Honest Mechanic gives an honest answer about intake manifold spacers and performance.

Paul Tan has a report on the latest Yaris from the Paris Auto Show.

Brian at posts his first blog video, a look at a new custom mini-truck. He's also got some thoughts about the NASCAR point system.

You get the impression I'm kind of hurrying? It's just that there's soooooo much great stuff out there in the auto blogs, how am I ever gonna get through it all?????

Great stuff like Serious Wheels' gallery of Audi R8 shots.

PC takes a well-deserved hit over at The Auto Prophet. It was a goofy ad but it's time more of us told the PC cops to take a hike.

Yes, that was The Auto Prophet's second appearance in this week's Carnival of Cars.

The new Jag S-Type has Edward Sanchez at The Car Blog talkin' mojo.

Hey, you want more cars on the road that exceed the feds' CAFE standards by 25 percent or more? Go check out The Driving Woman. Joanne understands the way the world works. Unlike, for instance, that Hugo fellow down in South America.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield had a tail-gater in Portland, which naturally led to his rather enlightening post today on self-driving cars. Hey, anything to get the goofballs off the road.

And with that, we are at the end of this week's drive around the auto blog block.

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