Wednesday, September 06, 2006

GM Extends Warranty to 100,000 Miles: Will Ford Now Offer Frequent Fueler Programs?

General Motors announced today that it is extending its standard powertrain warranty to five years and 100,000 miles for all its nameplates, beginning with the 2007 model year in the U.S. and Canada.

The roadside assistance and courtesy vehicle programs are also expanding. GM Chairman Rick Wagoner is expected to make the formal announcement later today.

In the meantime, Bob Lutz is touting the decision on GM's Fastlane blog, noting that:

"When you take the new powertrain warranty, the courtesy transportation and roadside assistance, the safety and security of technologies like OnStar and StabiliTrak, and the trained GM Goodwrench technicians working at the largest dealer network in the industry, it all adds up to the best consumer confidence package anywhere. As Rick says, we believe in the quality and value of our cars and trucks, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Because we can."

Go here for the full GM statement.

UPDATE: Ford looking at Frequent Fueler program?

No word yet on whether Ford will begin offering Frequent Fueler credits for its least efficient birds, uh, models. No word, either, on whether Ford's model nomenclature will change in the wake of former Boeing executive Allan Mulally replacing outgoing chairman and CEO bill Ford.

Some automotive industry wags are suggesting Ford's biggest seller, the F150 full-size pickup, will see a name change to 999, both to honor Henry Ford's most successful race car and to align Ford and Boeing in the 707-727-737-757-767 model designation approach.

UPDATE II: It's "landing gear" now, not suspension!

Ford engineering departments may also be wondering if they will see changes in long-standing automotive terms. For example, will "horsepower" now be changed to "thrust" in engine specifications?