Friday, October 13, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Friday the 13th! But we aren't driving a Yugo for this week's cruise around the autoblog block, so expect no nightmares on this ride. In fact, since we're starting with a blonde babe, it looks like this could one of the best drives ever, so let's hit the road.

The blonde babe is Barbie and Ask Patty has a neat mediation on all things Barbie this week. Did you know, for example, that Barbie has at various times owned an RV, a VW van and a limo? There was even a Formula Vee racer adorned in Barbie-esque livery a couple of years back.

And if you want to find out for real how good a parallel parker you are, check out the link AskPatty found to a Peugot game that will test even the best parkers among us. It's a blast just seeing how many fenders you can crumple in 60 seconds!

Juan Montoya finished third in his first roundy-round fender banger race last week. How'd I miss that interesting piece of news? Brian at didn't miss it and he's got a comprehensive roundup of the status of who and what for the silly season, including RCR's new sponsorship deal (see the shot below of Kevin Harvick et. al.) and the inside dope on Mark Martin's departure from Roush Racing.

All the silliness makes me wonder if maybe Mark Martin knows something about Ford's future that the rest of us don't?

New Carnival of Cars entrant Marc at Full Throttle found a disturbing observation in Awesome Bill's new book. It's not likely to win Beeall any fans in NASCAR's corporate headquarters. Welcome to the carnival, Marc. That's a great looking blog you've got there!

If anybody in Detroit has any doubt that fleet sales should be banished from the joint, Karl Brauer at Edmonds' Inside Line makes the case about as precisely as it can be made. Just think about the economic incentive fleet sales injects into the design process. Amen, Karl!

Normally, culinary topics would have no place on this blog - it being about wheels and all - but I have this thing about great tamales, you see, and AskPatty went looking for tips on tailgating and found this incredible tamale pie recipe.

I can't believe I just included that item in the Carnival of Cars but then I'd drive a thousand miles for a great tamale ...

Southern California is where car culture was born, right? So the doings at the recent Orange County Auto Show should be of interest and's Joel Arellano has lots of shots and some thoughts, too. Welcome to the Carnival of Cars, Joel!

The American Inventor folks had some eyes at the OC show, too, and spotted the Suzuki Hip Hop Grand Vitara.

Welcome to the auto blogs, Brandy! Motor Trend's Brandy Schaffels took the plunge recently and is editing MT's blog. Says she got the journalism bug with her high school newspaper. Me, too, Brandy. And welcome to the Carnival of Cars as well.

Automobile Magazine has a blog, too, and Jason Cammisa takes a look at the long-running VW vs Honda rivalry. Frankly, I am impressed by any two-liter four cylinder that gets you 200+ horses, but VW and Honda are always schweeeet.

Then there's Street Rodders Blog. How'd I miss that one, Joel? But thanks for pointing it out, man! Joel Arellano is one helpful dude.

And the Sport Truck blog. And the Truckin' blog, which asks the all-important question of how big is too big.

Amazing, there's Four-Wheeler blog and it tells me the transfer case is a dying breed.

I don't believe it, there's even a Diesel Power blog. Unbelievable. It's like I've discovered a whole new corner of the galaxy!

Tapscott, get a grip ... OK, I feel better now.

Well, this post from Joe Kissel Interesting Thing of the Day just blows me away, so to speak.

Who said this? "Hype and BS cannot compete with competence, product quality, manufacturing flexibility and the forward march of technology."

Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield and you should definitely read the rest of a seriously perceptive post.

As promised some years ago, Mazda has now delivered a hydrogen powered car, an RX-8, and The Garage Blog is on top of it.

And on that high note, we've reached the end of this week's Carnival of Cars.

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