Saturday, October 21, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, October 20, 2006

You know it's a strange week in the auto world when the Pope takes delivery of a brand new special-built VW Phaeton, the Ford Taurus bites the dust forever and Kia announces it will be exporting vehicles from the U.S.

But lots of interesting stuff for the Carnival of Cars came in over the transom this week, too, so let's hit the road, shall we?

And then there was part three. Part Three of Carsopia's five-parter on how to buy a used car, that is. This week's installment covers the all-important telephone interview with the seller.

Got a teen daughter? Listen up cauz AskPatty interviewed Stephanie Esterline. And she is, you ask? She's one sharp 17-year-old who has written a book for other teen females on taking care of a vehicle.

AskPatty's contributors drive a diverse bunch of vehicles, ranging from an 88 Toyota pickup with more than two trips around the odometer, a couple of Acuras, some Audis, a Hummer and a 98 Benz SUV. Oh yes, Jody DeVere, the energizer bunny behind AskPatty, rides a Harley. Shouting Thomas, are you listening?

You can listen to Shouting Thomas and see him, too, as he's done his first videolog post at Harleys, Cars, Girls and Guitars.

Me? Claudia has a VW Cabriolet with a lot of miles on it, I have a 96 Dakota that serves as the family's backup vehicle and we have an 01 Dodge Grand Caravan. Also an 06 Kawasaki Concours that Claudia and I use for weekend rides.

And you?

Schumacher is running his last F1 race this weekend, so Preston Lerner at the Automobile Magazine blog decided it's time he started rooting for the retiring multi-time World Champion. I still think Jimmy Clark was better. Foyt in his prime, too.

Speaking of parts, has more on the Orange County Auto Show. And here.

Down Under they call it the Holden Thunder Ute. Bring it here, says Sport Truck's Ed Sanchez, it would make a fine retro El Camino SS. check it out below.

Truckin's Auto-Mo says don't get too bent out of shape if the police stop you when your custom truck's mods appear to be gang-related, or exudes some other potentially unsavory characteristics.

Brian at has thoughts at the half-way point of the Nextel Cup Chase and more thoughts on the approaching debut of NASCAR's COT. That's "Car of Tomorrow," as in the ultimate silhouette racer, not a crude sleeping device.

Tell me this isn't true, Mr. Duntov! Gary at The Garage Blog is hearing persistent rumors that a V-6 Corvette coupe is in the offing at GM. If true, the operative term is "offing," cauz such a Vette makes no more sense than did a Probe-based Mustang.

Gas prices are plummeting and Edmunds' Karl Brauer wonders what that might mean for all those Prius waiting lists. Lots of common sense in this observation from Karl, too:

"Bottom line: we've once again confirmed the obvious - the price of gasoline is quite volatile. While extremely 'low' and extremely 'high' prices can and will occur, it's unlikely either end of the price spectrum will sustain itself for more than a year."

Smart guy, that Brauer!

This is a big problem for the corn lobby. The Auto Prophet explains why.

Unexpected things can happen on the way to Halloween parties. Just ask AskPatty's Breanne Boyle.

And moving right along ....

Say a prayer for Peter DeLorenzo and his family. They lost Jo, his mother, last week. Then go to Auto Extremist and read Peter's recollection of growing up with Tony and Jo DeLorenzo. It was indeed a different time, a different era. It's not merely the passage of time that makes that era look better and better, Peter.

Have you checked out yet? Better get clickin'!

What's a Lambo doing at a police chiefs convention? Car Pundit explains. Speaking of police chiefs, what are they doing in Beantown? Car Pundit explains that, too.

Got an extra $20K just lying around? VW will swap that for a V-10 diesel Toureg. Cars! Cars! Cars! wonders why anybody would do that.

Those who haven't yet seen the Casino Royale promo that includes a bunch of shots of the 07 Ford Mondeo need only click here to be taken to CARSCOOP.

Who said this:

"These new propulsion technologies, in turn, are driving the need for new and better electrical and electronic systems, controls, and connected vehicle technologies, which together will revolutionize how our vehicles operate, how we interact with them, and how they communicate with each other and the outside world."

It's GM's Larry Burns. Read the rest at FastLane Blog.

They've made movies about talking cars, but a HumanCar? Jalopnik has a video clip and more.

Joanne at The Driving Woman says some more doors are being opened to women in Detroit and elsewhere in the auto industry. This is good news.

And finally Frank Williams at The Truth About Cars offers a lengthy post concerning The Ten Worst Automobiles Today award nominees, including these observations:

"TTAC's list of 10 most nominated TWATs seems to have reached an equilibrium point. Keeping up with the number of nominations and the vehicles nominated has been a challenge and privilege (in a perverse sort of way). However, it'll soon be time to put those numbers away and begin the second round of the process. "

Next week we should know more about the outcome. See ya then.

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