Friday, October 27, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, October 27, 2006

Geez, can things get any worse for Detroit? GM lost $115 million for the third quarter, but would have made a profit if you subtract costs associated with downsizing. Chrysler's losses hit the $1.5 billion mark for the third quarter, down 37 percent. And Ford slumped to a $5.8 billion quarterly loss.

Maybe the market is trying to tell Detroit something?

While they try to figure it out, let's hit the road for this week's Carnival of Cars drive around the auto blogs block where there isn't a loser to be found, right?

WELCOME INSTAPUNDIT VISITORS! We also do car reviews. Like this. And this. And we do car news and analysis, too. Like this. And this. Hope you make Tapscotts Behind the Wheel a regular stop.

Remember the way it was with Route 66? If not, Shouting Thomas at Harleys, Cars, Girls and Guitars is in the Wayback Machine to a trip he and his wife took years ago in their little red Mustang from Illinois to Sunny Caleeforneeyah. He's even singing about with his trio. How can you resist?

Four Wheeler has news of the next must-have tool for off-roaders, Warn's Powerplant. Amazing how they pulled that one off.

Could Toyota's Prius be the "secretaries car" of the early 21st century? That's not how AskPatty's Jody DeVere describes the greenest Toyota, but she does note a bunch of ways in which women exhibit a distinct preference for the Prius.

James Raia at Car Buying Tips thinks Mitsubishi's Eclipse rag top has a lot going for it. And Chuck at the same site can tell you all about a Certified Unit used car program.

You think America's expanding waistline is only reflected in people? Wrong! Edward Sanchez at The Car Blog makes the point that American cars are also getting fat. Bet you hadn't seen the connection there before, right?

Wouldn't you love to have your very own seat belt? One that you could take with anywhere, including on to the bus or subway? says it's a cinch to appear on the market soon from Charles and Anne Schewe, with much assistance from a bunch of University of Massachusetts students.

Thinking about going road racing? You can make a small fortune in racing .... if you start out with a big one. Preston Lerner at Automobile mag's blog knows all about it, including the unfortunate fact that every hour of seat time requires maybe a dozen in prep time. Lots of wisdom here.

Lynn St. James and Janet Guthrie will be among the special guests Nov. 2-5 at the Hilton Head Concours D'Elegance and Motoring Festival, according to the Motor Trend online folks. One of my favorite memories is of St. James showing me the very fast way around Road Atlanta. She was absolutely phenomenal down the hill heading to turn five. With the right equipment, she would have been Indy's first female drinking the milk.

Could the silly season be any sillier already? A.J. is headed to NASCAR and Buddy is going to Champ Car? Brian at wasn't expecting that turn of events, but you know he's got something to say about it.

Are there better days ahead for Petty Racing? That's Racin' links to a Mike Harris/AP piece that makes the case and the blog also offers a gallery of recent images of the Cheerios car in action.

The Garage Blog is really pleased with a new video on the Canadian Rally and not just because it includes significant screen time for a certain favorite Suzuki.

And moving right along ...

Isn't torque wonderful! Rene Noel at Top Speed is simply enthralled with the Jaguar S-Type R and the abundance of twisting power is among the main reasons why.

Speaking of the S-Type, The Car Connection has spy photos of the 08 model. Haven't we seen that front end somewhere before? Like on an Aston Martin?

Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield leaves legions of fans waiting as he takes a Halloween sojourn away from the blogging business. Say it ain't so, Joe!

The polls are open at The Truth About Cars as readers from around the world and right in your very neighborhood choose The 10 Worst Cars Ever. Where else do you get to vote for the "Creme de la Crap" of the automotive universe?

Over at The Driving Woman, Joanne is rather impressed with the thoroughness and usefulness of Carnival of Cars regular contributor Kay Bell's recent contribution to - an explanation of the complexities of federal tax credits for recognized hybrids.

Kay blogs at Don't Mess With Taxes and if you click on over, you'll get the scoop on a telephone that has a huge bill before you make your first call.

Which reminds me! Those Longhorns did indeed pound on the Oklahoma "Best Team of Texans Money Can Buy" Sooners, 28-10. Sorry, Kay, when the 'Horns play my OSU Pokes, it'll be the only game of the year that you won't hear me yellin' "Hook'em Horns!"

Hey, folks gotta drive to those football games, right? So it does have something, vaguely, to do with the topic of this blog. Besides, it's my blog and I can write about what I want, OK?

Back to business.

Ed Welburn at GM's Fastlane Blog says the General is listening. And hearing. And changing.

And finally, it's MT Car of the Year award time and you know what that means! Peter DeLorenzo at Auto Extremist is all over it and the new Chevy Silverado spots. Just keep scrolling, as Glenn Reynolds would say.

And on that happy note, we seem to have reached the end of this week's spin around the auto blog block. Back next week. And remember, slow in/fast out is always faster.

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