Friday, November 03, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, Nov. 3, 2006

Sales were up a bit year-to-year for October, so there were more smiles around some parts of the automotive universe this week, but not enough, so how about we hit the road and see if we can generate some more.

Did you catch The New York Times story that quoted AskPatty's Jody DeVere? And how about her bunch's take on a recent survey of 2,400 women on their approach to things like the importance, or lack thereof, of spiffy clean repair shops in deciding where to get maintenance?

Part Four of Carsopia's series on how to buy a used car offers a comprehensive list of questions to ask about everything from stem to stern of the vehicle being considered.

If it's time to think about replacing your vehicle's donuts, maybe you should click over to Car Buying Tips for Chuck's rundown of the highlights of his experience at Tire Rack.

Lexus has teamed up with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in raising funds to fight cancer. has more here.

Things are getting very deep over at the Automobile Magazine blog because they are talking about the joys of 13,000 rpm electric motors, the Big Bang Theory and the psychology of car guys when confronted with stuff like the Tesla roadster.

Fall-out from the Taurus demise continues as Todd Lassa comments at the Motor Trend blog:
"The Taurus exemplifies the mistakes that Ford makes over and over. It does not foster its most popular, most leading-edge models." Todd has much more to say and it's well worth reading, especially if you are interested in the lessons Ford - and the rest of Detroit - ought to learn from this sad milestone.

Craig at Corvette Fever is having ... shall we say, problems with convertibles. It all started with "a 1987 Mustang LX painted a fetching pastel Post-It-Note-Yellow." Now be honest - have you ever heard a car story that began with a fetching pastel?

Welcome to Car Audio and Electionics magazine''s brand new blog, which debuted this week on the Auto Blog Block with a big report on the sound doings at SEMA.

Speaking of new blogs, John Cappa and the JP magazine crew are into it now, too.

Have you ever gone Ghost Riding on the Whip? Probably not if you aren't in the Bay Area. Go to the Lowrider blog for more.

Hey, they've been flying off-road in the World Rally Championship for years, so it was probably inevitable that those winged wonders would show up at a Stadium Motocross. Eric Sanchez at Off-Road magazine's blog likes what he's seeing:

"So far, this seems to be a winning combination. The Subaru WRX STI is one of the most sought-after sport compacts, whether on or off-road, and the fast-paced action of motocross on four wheels is sure to appeal to off-road and compact enthusiasts alike."

I say bring back Group B if you want real excitement in those stadiums!

Off-Road is also predicting a wave of four-wheel-drive desert trucks because such vehicles could "take you to the desert one weekend, the sand dunes the next weekend and up skiing the next."

Uh, didn't Hummer already do that?

When was the last time you could use these words in one sentence? Chevy Silverado SS 427. It's at SEMA this week, which means it coluld be in your driveway by this time next year. Sport Truck blog has this photo and more:

We do motorcycles at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel, too, and pony_pony at Sport Rider has a great piece on America's newest World Champion, Nicky Hayden, who just wrapped his first MotoGP championship.

Which raises an interesting query: Why is it America routinely produces a Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer and Nicky Hayden, but only rarely do we see a Phil Hill or Mario Andretti?

What is Truckin' blog talking about?

"Beautiful vehicles will dominate the Convention Center, and thousands of pictures and write-ups will hit the internet and print. Deals will be sealed, connections made, networks conceived - it's all happening right now! Big companies will try to get bigger; small companies will try to get noticed. It's the big deal, the main event, THE trade show of the year."

TopSpeed has a comprehensive assessment of the ins and outs of donating a used car to a charity. It's a lot more complicated than you might think.


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