Saturday, November 11, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, November 10, 2006

Was this the week automotive historians will some day point to as the turning point in Detroit's battle to overcome in the consumer mind the bitter fruit of decades of inferior product quality? Consumer Reports' favorable rating of the Ford Fusion suggests that possibility.

Speaking of possibilities, we have lots of those here with the Carnvial of Cars, so let's fire up the cyber buggy and head out for this week's drive around the auto blog block:

"Yellow beast" and "Volvo" are two terms not normally written in the same sentence, but Garage Blog did and with good reason.

There are Tooth Fairies aplenty in the automotive leasing field and Debt Free has a handy guide to recognizing them.

Bet you didn't know there could be good news linked to both higher gas prices and those nice folks at the IRS, but there is and Kay Bell at Don't Mess With Taxes has the details.

Subaru is doing a special edition WRX of only 300 copies of the STi Spec C Type RA-R and Autoblog's Alex Nunez suggests "rallylicious" is an appropriate moniker for the already-moniker heavy Subie.

Good to have you back in the Carnival, Alex!

Ask Joe Sherlock what he liked most about a recent sally through the Philadelphia Art Museum and he mumbles something about potato salad. But get him going on art and cars and the guy has all kinds of insights, which you can read at The View Through the Winshield.

A Scott Riggs crewman demonstrated a total lack of class and brains by shoving Kevin Harvick, his wife DeLana and an unnamed NASCAR official to the ground after an on-track incident late in the recent display of Smoke's dominating talent at Texas Motor Speedway. The crewman was suspended indefinitely and fined $10,000. Brian at has more on that race and the Phoenix round in the 2006 edition of The Chase.

Speaking of classless displays, The Garage Blog has some observations regarding the "consumate Canadian good old boy" and his recent road test, on a golf course, of a golf cart as a dune buggy.

How does one know without any doubt whatsoever that a racing series has moved beyond mere popularity and into the realm of utter commercialization? When it's the setting for a Harlequin romance novel series, of course. But if you want the real thing, AskPatty has the inside scoop on an actual racetrack romance between Shawn Parker and Deborah Kenshaw.

Ohhhhh, that is sooooooooooooooooo sweet.


Are Bobby Labonte and Robbie Loomis on the verge of restoring some Petty Racing's lost glory? That's Racin' takes a look at this momentous question.

Felando Cotovelos loves Mustangs and old cars and he's got the photo album to prove it over at Nineteen to the Dozen. Welcome to the Carnival of Cars Felando.

And moving right along ....

Hey, we've got some real edumaketed types in the auto blog universe. I mean where else you gonna find somebody writing in one review about "epiphanies" and "Pliny the Elder" (I preferred Cato the Younger but that's just me) and the joys of dating a gorgeous woman of Scots and Viennese extraction? Just check out Johnny Lieberman at The Truth About Cars.

Where does Farago find such talent?

Most shocking story of the week? This one, as related by Joanne at The Driving Woman. OK, all together now - "Ohm my goodness, he didn't really write that, did he?"

What does it mean for the auto industry that Democrats have regained control of Congress for the first time in a dozen years? The Auto Prophet says nothing much other than higher taxes, more regulation and a slowing economy.

They're talking good sense about traffic lights at the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK, according to Straightline.

Serious Wheels has some shots from SEMA, including the Challenger Super Stock Concept. I just wish NHRA would revive the Super Stock class like it was back in the days of Hayden Profit, the Melrose Missile and Dyno Don Nicholson.

What happens when you put the SmartTwo through a safety test? Paul Tan has the video.

Austin Davis at My Honest Mechanic got his family an 06 Kia Sedona. And they love it.

Peterbilt is showing a hybrid short-haul, medium-to-heavy duty truck. Jalopnik is applauding. So is Tapscotts Behind the Wheel. Or should that be so are Tapscotts Behind the Wheel?

I never knew a 66 Pontiac Grand Prix could look so good in a corn field. If you doubt that this is even possible in the presently known universe, check out Dayvid42's photo album at GM's FYI Blog.

GM Racing Program manager Alba Colon is rethinking that ill-advised assessment of the virtues of Texas Motor Speedway. She found three good reasons for doing so and explains them at FastLane blog.

And finally, Peter DeLorenzo can tell you in detail what will be happening in the eight weeks till the Detroit Auto Show. Only at the Auto Extremist can you find such prophetic expertise.

Wow, that was a long drive, I'm exhausted. But I'll be back next week for the next edition of Carnival of Cars. Will you?

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