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There will be a different Tapscotts Behind the Wheel tomorrow morning when the sun comes up because it will no longer be found here at the familiar web address but at a new address on Better change that entry on the favorites list because the new blog will be at Go to the horizontal menu at the top and click on blogs and you should see the link to the new Tapscotts Behind the Wheel

The original Tapscotts Behind the Wheel will continue to reside here as an archive. Many thanks to all of you who have posted comments, suggested stories and reviews, passed along great stories and tips and otherwise been an encouragement.

What happens to Carnival of Cars? Well, that's not clear just yet. Keep an eye out here for an announcement soon.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, December, 1, 2006

Things are hot and happennin' in LA at the auto show and that means lots of interesting, goofy and unbelievable stuff to see as we head out on the cyber-road for this week's Carnival of Cars. I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. And we're off!

Did you know GM sells more Buicks in China than in the U.S.? You gotta take the whole ride to find out my source on this one!

So ....

Over in the Down Under part of the world, the Aussie authorities are making some significant changes to the way folks get drivers licenses. Craig Wilson at, a new entry in the Carnival, is encouraged, even if it's "about time" for the changes.

And back here in the states, if you can't make it to LA for the auto show, AskPatty has a handy summary of what's on the schedule. Frankly, it looks like the LA organizers have done a bang-up job of reviving what had been a rather moribund event.

Man-Law says guys don't dig "decor," right? Well, wives, significant others, girlfriends, moms, sisters and appreciated colleagues of the female sort often do, so AskPatty's Christmas gift guide for the automotively perplexed giver should be a no-brainer.

And if you see something you want for yourself, don't worry, I won't tell anybody. :-)

Speaking of Man-Law, GM's head honcho gave a speech at the opening of the LA show and AskPatty was there. She heard some good things, some puzzling things and some things she wasn't sure about believing.

Race season is over, so Brian at is doing other things, like going to the Boston Auto Show - yes, there's even a show in Beantown cauz the Yankees gotta get around those narrow, confusing streets left over from pre-Revolutionary War days.

Oh yes, Brian also has a lengthy take on what he found worthy of remembering from the just-concluded NASCAR season, starting with a quote from Darrell Waltrip about there always seeming to be something besides the race itself demanding everybody's attention before the green flag falls.

Admit it now, you really don't know much about all those auto safety tests, do you. Andrew Dillan at Car Buying Tips sorts it all out for you.

And speaking of stuff most of us have no clue about how to do, Terje Ellingsen at Car Buying Tips says you can find the right repair manual for any repair you need to do, if you know where to go on the Internet.

A certain former world driving champion has been having a rough go of it in F1 for a bunch of years but now it appears Juan Pablo won't be the only such "furrener" in NASCAR in 2007. Intriqued? Me, too. That's why I went to The Garage Blog for the details.

My take? I think Jacque is in for a shock at just how competitive motorsports can be cauz they don't do parades at Daytona except in the pre-race ceremonies. Unlike F1.

There are some smart journos at The Boston Herald. They've put Mike Mello in front of a laptop and said "blog!" He's new to the Carnival of Cars and he's got a wonderful description of his meeting former funny car racer Rodalyn Knox during a vintage drags event at New England Dragway. Keep an eye on this one. I think it's going to be a super auto blog.

And moving right along ....

Did you know Toyota's California market share is double that of GM and three times what Ford gets these days? Joe Sherlock of The View Through the Windshield says the situation is similar in his neck of the woods in the Pacific Northwest.

If you wonder about what happens to your old beater after you donate it to your favorite charity, Louis Albornoz at Top Speed explains everything. This one caught my eye because it was inspired by a fellow Marylander.

You've seen that neat television spot with the sophisticated American taking his gorgeous white-with-blue international racing stripes Shelby GT 500 to the Autobahn. Well, so has Robert Farago at The Truth About Cars. But guess what? He isn't real enthusiastic about a solid rear axle that hops all over the road at the merest hint of a bump at, oh, 50 mph.

But Robert, it's sooooo beautiful, can't I just gaze at it in my driveway?

Have you ever heard of Me neither. Erin at The Driving Woman found it via a recent piece in The Wall Street Journal. It's all about automakers marketing their wares to .... kids.
I'm with you, Erin, this is not a good thing.

My first new car was a 76 Audi Fox, which I loved passionately. Haven't owned an Audi since, but Ed at Straightline has some spy shots of the upcoming A5 that make me think the time is coming when there really needs to be one sitting in the Tapscott driveway.

Looks like it's gonna get crowded in that driveway. Oh well, the neighbors all think Claudia and I are either car dealers or drug dalers, so big deal, right?

It's aluminun und shteel! It's the new Audi TT after Oettinger. Jalopnik likes it.

Bob Lutz at GM's Fastlane Blog has thoughts on the opening of the LA Auto Show, plus links to video of the Wagoner opening speech., which is definitely worth giving a listen to. People may have been underestimating this guy. Yes, including me.

That crack about Wagoner caught your eye, didn't it. Well, Peter DeLorenzo at The Auto Extremist makes the case for an even more amazing proposition, namely that Buick is anything but one step away from the grave. Sort of gives new meaning to the cliche about being Shanghai'd.

And wouldn't you know it, DeLorenzo gets the last word in this week's drive around the auto blog block because we are back home, folks. See ya next week.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tight and Tidy Santa Fe Shows Hyundai Progress

If there are any remaining doubts that South Korea’s Hyundai is rapidly maturing into a world-class competitor for major automakers from Japan, the U.S. and Europe, a short drive in the 2007 Santa Fe should remove them.

Hyundai redesigned the Santa Fe for 2007 from stem to stern and the result is a serious alternative to rivals like the Toyota Highlander, Chevrolet Equinox and Nissan Frontier on all counts, including quality, equipment and design.

Among the key changes is the Santa Fe’s exterior styling, which has lost the previous generation’s somewhat odd look, replacing it with a smooth, carefully rounded shape that is contemporary and attractive. There are distinct hints of the Highlander, as well as hints of Subaru Outback and Acura MDX here and there.

The other more significant change is the tangible improvement in driving refinement and quality. There is a base 2.7 liter V-6 good for 185 horsepower and a much healthier 242 horsepower 3.3 liter V-6 for the higher priced SE and Limited models. My Limited tester was equipped with the standard five-speed automatic, which is also found in the Hyundai Sonata.

What is arresting about the 2007 Santa Fe is how smooth and quiet is its driveline on the road. The 3.3 liter V-6 provides excellent power in all driving situations, including passing on two-lane roads and crowded suburban parkways.

Equally arresting is the crisp handling exhibited by the new Santa Fe. The unibody platform contributes to the ride quality, which is tight and quiet on all kinds of road surfaces, but the steering feel, especially at turn-in, is what really stands out.

You expect a unibody SUV to handle better than a traditional body-on-frame based model, but the Santa Fe exceeds the typical expectation. This is not to suggest that the Santa Fe is a sports sedan killer, but it is a distinctly more fun and spirited driver than the Highlander.

Inside the Santa Fe is a passenger cabin that combines a well-integrated instrument panel that puts easy-to-read major gauges right in front of the driver and major controls for the environment and entertainment where they should be. Seating for five is comfortable and there is an available third row of seats that are suitable for small children.

The look and feel of interior appointments is of a very high quality and somebody at Hyundai deserves a fat raise for the wonderful light blue hue of the instrumentation at night. Just makes you feel all snug and secure.

Looking for Los Angeles Auto Show Coverage?

Then go here, here and here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, Nov. 17, 2006

Top executives of Detroit's Big Three automakers sat down with President Bush this week to pitch him on the federal government bailing out their companies by taking over their health care costs.

Normally Bush wouldn't be terribly enthusiastic about such action but his party just lost its congressional majority, so don't be surprised if he discovers a new interest in this issue in the near future.

As for us, we've got lots of sights to see and people to meet on this week's Carnival of Cars drive around the auto blog block, so click that cyber seat belt and let's hit the road, shall we?

Thanksgiving is next week, which means Christmas is right behind and that means it's time to start getting gifts for the auto enthusiasts on your list. Bet you didn't realize there are some females that fit that description. Ask Patty knows and that's why you'll find the first-ever Ask Patty Girls Gift Garage there.

Speaking of Christmas, Car Audio and Electronics is doing a Toys for Tots show. Check out the details here. A very worthy cause.

Brian at wonders when do you say it's over. Good question and Brian has some answers.

A moment of appreciative silence, please, for Number 27, which left The Garage Blog this week to head back to Germany where it will be lovingly restoried by Alois Ruf and friends, then head out for a tour of Europe before reaching its final destination, the Ruf Porsche Museum.

Check out British Columbia via Petersen's Four-Wheel and Off-Road Blog.

Eric Sanchez at Diesel Power blog has been playing around with one of those Europe-only treats, the BMW 335d. He was impressed. You would be, too, the first time you dipped into this little Bimmer's 428 lb-ft of torque. No, that's not a typo. Yes, you should go back now and click on Diesel Power blog.

The Time Burglar strikes again! This time the victim is struck with an irresistible fascination with a 51 Superior Cadillac ambulance. Yes, JP is supposed to be about jeeps and stuff, but the Time Burglar respects no boundaries.

Auto-Mo at Mini Truckin' has come down with the long distance commuter blues and worries what it means for his old reliable.

Auto-Mo is also lecturing about those long metal things between the wheels, you know, the suspension. It's like when you hear the pegs on a motorcycle scrapping the asphalt. Ya gotta pay attention here, at Sport Truck blog.

Pete Petersen says there are "Petes" and there are "Brians" when it comes to track personalities among ATV Riders. Which are you?

You would think an F-16 Viper would fly circles around a Dodge Viper spors car and a Viper motorcycle. Think again, Bunky, cauz the two-wheeler done beat both the fly boy and the guy wearing the string-back gloves and funny hat. That's the report in Hot Rod's Bike Works blog.

NOTE TO CONTRIBUTORS: I love bikes, too, and ride my Kawasaki Concours every chance I get, especially when my sweet wife Claudia can join me. But this is Carnival of Cars, so be sure there is a four-wheel angle to your suggested bike blog contributions.

Hmmm. Do we need a Carnival of Cycles?

Mike at European Cars is deep into a project involving a certain blue Bimmer. You need to know about this.

Could it be? I mean, could it actually be true? That a Honda Element could be made into a drift car? You won't believe what they had to do to make it happen, but some Honda engineers did it. Read all about at Hot Tuners Cars blog.

Have you been missing shifts lately? Tired of grinding those gears into tiny little metal shards? Had enough of people on the street pointing and laughing? Super Street has what you need, tips on shifting the right way with a close-ratio tranny.

Should Ford's Mod motor stay or go? 5.0 Mustang mag blog wants to know what you think.

Craig at Car Craft mag blog finds himself drawn to a certain 64 Poncho.

Hey, everybody's getting into this classic vehicle build thing. Grant at Classic Trucks thinks a 68 Ford F100 is just the right platform for a little friendly competition with a 72 model being done by the crew at Custom Classic Trucks.

Before you let somebody put your C5 or C6 up on a lift, better read these tips at Corvette Fever mag blog. Otherwise, your mid-life crisis cure could end up like the poor little Lotus Elise pointing the wrong way in the accompanying photo.

Be in Memphis May 12, 2007, and you could either compete in or be a spectator at Hot Rod's 2007 Pump Gas Drags.

What is the deal with the VW R36? Jason Cammisa at Automobile mag blog wants to know. I'd kinda like to know myself.

Did you know there is a Hyundai convertible in the works? Jason Aranello at knows.

India's Mahindra truck maker is talking about exporting vehicles to, where else, the U.S. Truck Trend has details. Does that mean you could buy a Mahindra in July and have an early Indian summer?

Remember those wonderful days of the NASCAR tire wars? Marc at Cranial Cavity does.

Would you shell out $242,000 for a Mercury? Joe Sherlock at The View Through the Windshield explains everything.

Hey, don't be telling your worn-out old steed that the time has come for it to be put out to pasture. Why? Grant at Grant's Auto Rants says the odds are good that the more likely place your retiring bucket of bolts will end up is as scrap metal. But there is such a thing as auto reincarnation, so at least some of your Old Faithful might come back to the states as a Chinese Chery.

Don't you feel better now for telling the truth? I thought so.

And in another entry from the automotive truth-telling sweepstakes this week comes AskPatty with definitions of the 15 terms dealers often use that the rest of us normal human beings probably don't really understand.

So, moving right along ...

Peter DeLorenzo is ecstatic about the announcement that Chevy is bringing back the rear-wheel-drive Impala. How significant is that news, really? Well, just ponder this graph from Peter's recollection of his experience when Chevy unveiled the front-wheel-drive Impala:

"Here I was expecting a 'milestone' Chevrolet - the car that would put Chevy back on the map. No, I wasn't looking for a "Yester-Tech" nostalgia-mobile or retro-rod, but a car that took the timeless, desirable ingredients of the '55 Chevy - great design, excellent performance and outstanding value - and translated them into a forward-looking classic for the new century. Instead, I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor as I was forced to wallow in the unbridled mediocrity of this car, a stupefying homage to everything wrong about Detroit at that moment in history - the summer of 1998. "

Go here at Auto Extremist for the rest of the recollection and thoughts on the hoped-for coming restoration of Chevy glory.

There's a lot going on these days at Saturn. GM's Bob Lutz looks at one of the reasons why at Fastlane Blog.

Michele Cimino spent some time recently at GM's Milford Proving Grounds, specifically on the Black Lake, and came away with a new appreciation for the life-saving potential of anti-lock brakes. Read all about it at GM's FYI Blog.

There's trouble in them thar Auburn Hills and MotorAlley's David Wassman is all over it.

Ford recently took a bunch of auto journalists and bloggers to a firing range for a little-James Bonding. You won't believe where they went after they finished putting lots of perfectly round little holes in a bunch of imaginary bad guys. You'll be shaken, not stirred, when The Auto Prophet reveals all.

Erin at The Driving Woman appreciates all the help we can get on backing with sonar, cameras, whatever. Me. too!

The CAFE Klatsch must end! That's Michael Martineck's view at The Truth About Cars. Is he right? Well, it is "the truth about cars" blog.

Folks, yours truly has run out of gas, and what great timing cauz we are at the end of the line for this week's Carnival of Cars. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Next week, we'll do it again.

In the meantime ....

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By the way, if you are wondering why this post only appeared early Saturday morning, it's because I'm in San Francisco and spent the day yesterday at the first-ever Open Data/Open Government confab, a gathering of developers, journalists and non-profit types interested in making government at all levels more transparent and accountable.

It was a very intense and rewarding day. I'm heading back to D.C. later today and will return to the D.C. newsroom of The Washington Examiner bright and early Monday morning.

Carnival of Cars will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week, so see you in a couple.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around The Auto Blog Block for Friday, November 10, 2006

Was this the week automotive historians will some day point to as the turning point in Detroit's battle to overcome in the consumer mind the bitter fruit of decades of inferior product quality? Consumer Reports' favorable rating of the Ford Fusion suggests that possibility.

Speaking of possibilities, we have lots of those here with the Carnvial of Cars, so let's fire up the cyber buggy and head out for this week's drive around the auto blog block:

"Yellow beast" and "Volvo" are two terms not normally written in the same sentence, but Garage Blog did and with good reason.

There are Tooth Fairies aplenty in the automotive leasing field and Debt Free has a handy guide to recognizing them.

Bet you didn't know there could be good news linked to both higher gas prices and those nice folks at the IRS, but there is and Kay Bell at Don't Mess With Taxes has the details.

Subaru is doing a special edition WRX of only 300 copies of the STi Spec C Type RA-R and Autoblog's Alex Nunez suggests "rallylicious" is an appropriate moniker for the already-moniker heavy Subie.

Good to have you back in the Carnival, Alex!

Ask Joe Sherlock what he liked most about a recent sally through the Philadelphia Art Museum and he mumbles something about potato salad. But get him going on art and cars and the guy has all kinds of insights, which you can read at The View Through the Winshield.

A Scott Riggs crewman demonstrated a total lack of class and brains by shoving Kevin Harvick, his wife DeLana and an unnamed NASCAR official to the ground after an on-track incident late in the recent display of Smoke's dominating talent at Texas Motor Speedway. The crewman was suspended indefinitely and fined $10,000. Brian at has more on that race and the Phoenix round in the 2006 edition of The Chase.

Speaking of classless displays, The Garage Blog has some observations regarding the "consumate Canadian good old boy" and his recent road test, on a golf course, of a golf cart as a dune buggy.

How does one know without any doubt whatsoever that a racing series has moved beyond mere popularity and into the realm of utter commercialization? When it's the setting for a Harlequin romance novel series, of course. But if you want the real thing, AskPatty has the inside scoop on an actual racetrack romance between Shawn Parker and Deborah Kenshaw.

Ohhhhh, that is sooooooooooooooooo sweet.


Are Bobby Labonte and Robbie Loomis on the verge of restoring some Petty Racing's lost glory? That's Racin' takes a look at this momentous question.

Felando Cotovelos loves Mustangs and old cars and he's got the photo album to prove it over at Nineteen to the Dozen. Welcome to the Carnival of Cars Felando.

And moving right along ....

Hey, we've got some real edumaketed types in the auto blog universe. I mean where else you gonna find somebody writing in one review about "epiphanies" and "Pliny the Elder" (I preferred Cato the Younger but that's just me) and the joys of dating a gorgeous woman of Scots and Viennese extraction? Just check out Johnny Lieberman at The Truth About Cars.

Where does Farago find such talent?

Most shocking story of the week? This one, as related by Joanne at The Driving Woman. OK, all together now - "Ohm my goodness, he didn't really write that, did he?"

What does it mean for the auto industry that Democrats have regained control of Congress for the first time in a dozen years? The Auto Prophet says nothing much other than higher taxes, more regulation and a slowing economy.

They're talking good sense about traffic lights at the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK, according to Straightline.

Serious Wheels has some shots from SEMA, including the Challenger Super Stock Concept. I just wish NHRA would revive the Super Stock class like it was back in the days of Hayden Profit, the Melrose Missile and Dyno Don Nicholson.

What happens when you put the SmartTwo through a safety test? Paul Tan has the video.

Austin Davis at My Honest Mechanic got his family an 06 Kia Sedona. And they love it.

Peterbilt is showing a hybrid short-haul, medium-to-heavy duty truck. Jalopnik is applauding. So is Tapscotts Behind the Wheel. Or should that be so are Tapscotts Behind the Wheel?

I never knew a 66 Pontiac Grand Prix could look so good in a corn field. If you doubt that this is even possible in the presently known universe, check out Dayvid42's photo album at GM's FYI Blog.

GM Racing Program manager Alba Colon is rethinking that ill-advised assessment of the virtues of Texas Motor Speedway. She found three good reasons for doing so and explains them at FastLane blog.

And finally, Peter DeLorenzo can tell you in detail what will be happening in the eight weeks till the Detroit Auto Show. Only at the Auto Extremist can you find such prophetic expertise.

Wow, that was a long drive, I'm exhausted. But I'll be back next week for the next edition of Carnival of Cars. Will you?

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pair of Shell Ferrari 599 Fioranos Touring U.S on Road Trip From Brazil, May Be in Your Neighborhood Next

Some readers may recall the days back in the early 1960s when Mercury promoted its Comet by sending a team of them driving the length of South America in an event I think was called the Pan American Rally or something along that line.

The point, of course, was to demonstrate the toughness and reliability of the cars, as well as to differentiate the Mercurys from their Ford Fairlane stablemates, which were mechanically identical. Yes, there was such a thing as badge engineering back then, too.

I mention this long-ago forgotten event because Shell and Ferrari are doing something similar to promote the Italian firm's latest Fiorano GTB. There's nothing remotely like badge engineering here, though.

Here's how a Shell release describes the project:

"The Ferrari Panamerican 20,000 road challenge will stop at Shell stations across the United States to refuel with Shell V-Power as it makes its way from Brazil to New York City in two all-new Ferrari 599 GTB Fioranos.

"The tour will cover 20,000 miles in just 85 days, including this stop in Ashburn, Va., where local car lovers can get a glimpse of Ferrari's most technologically advanced road car as both Ferraris refuel for the next leg of the adventure."

From Ashburn, the Fioranos head north towards New York City. Perhaps this Shell-Ferrari promotion heralds a revival of what used to be a staple of automotive marketing - doing something spectacular to grab attention and demonstrate virtues real or imagined.

Here's a photo of one of the gorgeous Ferraris:

Friday, November 03, 2006

CARNIVAL OF CARS: A Drive Around the Auto Blog Block for Friday, Nov. 3, 2006

Sales were up a bit year-to-year for October, so there were more smiles around some parts of the automotive universe this week, but not enough, so how about we hit the road and see if we can generate some more.

Did you catch The New York Times story that quoted AskPatty's Jody DeVere? And how about her bunch's take on a recent survey of 2,400 women on their approach to things like the importance, or lack thereof, of spiffy clean repair shops in deciding where to get maintenance?

Part Four of Carsopia's series on how to buy a used car offers a comprehensive list of questions to ask about everything from stem to stern of the vehicle being considered.

If it's time to think about replacing your vehicle's donuts, maybe you should click over to Car Buying Tips for Chuck's rundown of the highlights of his experience at Tire Rack.

Lexus has teamed up with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in raising funds to fight cancer. has more here.

Things are getting very deep over at the Automobile Magazine blog because they are talking about the joys of 13,000 rpm electric motors, the Big Bang Theory and the psychology of car guys when confronted with stuff like the Tesla roadster.

Fall-out from the Taurus demise continues as Todd Lassa comments at the Motor Trend blog:
"The Taurus exemplifies the mistakes that Ford makes over and over. It does not foster its most popular, most leading-edge models." Todd has much more to say and it's well worth reading, especially if you are interested in the lessons Ford - and the rest of Detroit - ought to learn from this sad milestone.

Craig at Corvette Fever is having ... shall we say, problems with convertibles. It all started with "a 1987 Mustang LX painted a fetching pastel Post-It-Note-Yellow." Now be honest - have you ever heard a car story that began with a fetching pastel?

Welcome to Car Audio and Electionics magazine''s brand new blog, which debuted this week on the Auto Blog Block with a big report on the sound doings at SEMA.

Speaking of new blogs, John Cappa and the JP magazine crew are into it now, too.

Have you ever gone Ghost Riding on the Whip? Probably not if you aren't in the Bay Area. Go to the Lowrider blog for more.

Hey, they've been flying off-road in the World Rally Championship for years, so it was probably inevitable that those winged wonders would show up at a Stadium Motocross. Eric Sanchez at Off-Road magazine's blog likes what he's seeing:

"So far, this seems to be a winning combination. The Subaru WRX STI is one of the most sought-after sport compacts, whether on or off-road, and the fast-paced action of motocross on four wheels is sure to appeal to off-road and compact enthusiasts alike."

I say bring back Group B if you want real excitement in those stadiums!

Off-Road is also predicting a wave of four-wheel-drive desert trucks because such vehicles could "take you to the desert one weekend, the sand dunes the next weekend and up skiing the next."

Uh, didn't Hummer already do that?

When was the last time you could use these words in one sentence? Chevy Silverado SS 427. It's at SEMA this week, which means it coluld be in your driveway by this time next year. Sport Truck blog has this photo and more:

We do motorcycles at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel, too, and pony_pony at Sport Rider has a great piece on America's newest World Champion, Nicky Hayden, who just wrapped his first MotoGP championship.

Which raises an interesting query: Why is it America routinely produces a Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer and Nicky Hayden, but only rarely do we see a Phil Hill or Mario Andretti?

What is Truckin' blog talking about?

"Beautiful vehicles will dominate the Convention Center, and thousands of pictures and write-ups will hit the internet and print. Deals will be sealed, connections made, networks conceived - it's all happening right now! Big companies will try to get bigger; small companies will try to get noticed. It's the big deal, the main event, THE trade show of the year."

TopSpeed has a comprehensive assessment of the ins and outs of donating a used car to a charity. It's a lot more complicated than you might think.


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